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Luxury Hotel
Luxury Hotel

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Programme : Spa, Yoga Studios, Lobby & Reception, Saloon, Gymnasium, Reflexology And Lounge.
The spa block located in an upmarket star hotel revolves around the concept of light and shadow. The building facade perforated gets in daylight in various interesting pattern and at light allow the building to glow like a lanter. the Spa block adjacent to the main hotel wing floats over shallow water pool. The floor slabs are clear with columns almost disappearing. The block connects to the Hotel wing on the 2nd floor which allow guests to have a direct entry to the Spa. The architecture of the spa makes the entire structure like a light pavilion.

The Spa Block is the essentially a plug in to the entire hotel complex. It sits on a island and the architecture language sets it apart. The skin on the building, an artist backdrop to the hotel lobby makes the structure light and pure. The floating columns and the shallow pool creates a beautiful and serene entrance to this annex.

The Interiors of the space is simple with rustic local accents. The floor and wall are finished with pandamo unifying the entire space together. Treatment rooms are conceived private and grand much the Turkish hamans. The lift core and stairwell well defined allows free movement and easy planning.