Instead of automatically disposing of electrical appliances when they appear faulty, many appliance owners contact authorised qualified electrical appliance repair and parts providers. Generally, a technician will visit a customer’s property to provide a quote, which many provide free, and to service the appliance.

Occasionally, an electrical appliance may have to be taken away for repair or to locate or order a replacement appliance part. It is important to ask the repairer for full details of any call out, labour or service fees before repairs, as well as an indicative delivery or repair time. Most service providers willingly provide these details and wait for acceptance of quotes. To maximise the life of large electrical appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines, an annual service or maintenance is also a good option. Appliance repairers service and repair small and large electrical items including ac , washing machine , irons, heaters, electric blankets, coffee machines, and fridges, freezers, stove tops, ovens and dryers.

Having an appliance repaired can be a better cost saving option than purchasing a new appliance but only an authorised appliance repairer should be sought. Electrical appliance repair should be considered before a new purchase for environmental reasons also. Repairs to electrical appliance faults or fitting replacement appliance parts should be undertaken only by experienced professionals who warranty the quality of their work. These providers should also be able to undertake safety testing and tagging in compliance with Indian Standards. Appliance owners should check electrical appliance warranties to ensure the appliance repair service is authorized by the brand of appliance and manufacturer.
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