Lubrizol Corporation is one of the major establishments of Berkshire Hathaway Company which is completely driven by the technology company having worldwide recognition. They are a leading dealer of specialty chemicals with whose combination they provide environment friendly performance, quality as well as value to the consumer products.

Most of the people are not aware about Lubrizol but it is used in everyday life of common people including shampoos, fluids of vehicles, soaps, medicines, clothes and many more.

Corporate Philosophy

Our success stems from what we believe in:
  • Rewarding our shareholders by providing a high return on invested capital.
  • Providing superior products and outstanding service to our customers.
  • Investing in research and development to maintain and improve our technical position.
  • Insisting on honesty and integrity with customers, suppliers, all third parties and with one another.
  • Treating each employee with dignity and a sense of worth and supporting open communication with one another.
  • Developing and promoting personnel from within our ranks on the basis of individual performance.
  • Rewarding employees' efforts through a merit-oriented compensation program.
  • Maintaining the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors, and protecting the environment.


Adhesive and Sealant Solutions

Adhesive and sealant application performance is improved by a variety of Lubrizol technologies, including water-borne resin, rheology modifier, dispersant and surface modifier products. With manufacturing facilities around the globe, our formulation experts can design a solution that meets many challenging application needs. Our resins provide a broad range of flexibility in Tg and surface selection, while our rheology modifiers offer unique performance to achieve just the right rheology behavior. In many cases, Lubrizol technologies can also help with regulatory compliance, including food contact.

Automotive OEM and Refinish

Lubrizol innovates cutting-edge chemical solutions for automotive OEM and vehicle refinish applications, such as interior, exterior and underbody coating technologies. We address the challenges that face coating manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and consumers, providing customized solutions and value-added, long-lasting coatings. Our automotive coating technologies enable high pigment loading and efficiency, superior color strength and integrity, and unique performance through specialty needs, such as metal passivation and exceptional adhesion performance. With a broad portfolio of resins, dispersants, surface modifiers, and other performance additive solutions, Lubrizol is ready with both water-borne coating and solvent-borne coating technologies to meet the functionality needs of the most demanding automotive coatings.

Building and Construction

Lubrizol specialty chemical solutions deliver value for coatings manufacturers, architects, builders, and building owners. Our advanced portfolio of resins, polymers, dispersants, and surface modifiers are commonly used in masonry coating, concrete coating, elastomeric coating, liquid roof coating, mortar modification and other building and construction coating products to beautify and strengthen a diverse range of interior and exterior surfaces. With advanced Lubrizol technologies, coatings manufacturers can improve coating performance and production efficiency. Contractors and architects can shorten construction schedules and reduce labor costs. Property owners will enjoy long-lasting, visually appealing surfaces.

Performance Coating and Ink Technologies For Digital Printing

Lubrizol's Digital Print Solutions team consists of global experts in surface chemistry, with a thorough understanding of layer interaction between substrate, ink receptive coating, and ink. Whether manufacturing digital print coating or digital ink products, coating digitally printable media or developing new digital print systems, count on Lubrizol ink receptive coating and ink dispersant and other component technologies to enable new levels of performance. Our resins, additives and formulated solutions deliver superior durability and functionality for digital printing's toughest challenges for solvent-borne, water-borne and energy cured systems. We can improve the stability and shelf life of inks and enable printing onto difficult-to-adhere substrates at very high speeds. We are dedicated to improving the value of digital printing for ceramics, textile, film and paper applications through our advanced portfolio of ready-to-use formulations as well as resin and hyperdispersant components.

Filtration and Specialty Paper

Lubrizol polymeric saturant and filter binder technologies provide the specialty paper and filtration industries with excellent functional performance and global supply chain reach. Our broad portfolio of specialty paper coating and filter binder technologies include food contact polymer, solvent resistant polymer, and formaldehyde-free polymer chemistries and other unique technologies that drive improved functionality, help customers achieve regulatory compliance, and create differentiable opportunities for the market. Our customized polymer and formulated products meet a variety of specialty paper coating needs, including filtration, book covers, abrasive papers and flame retardant paper.

General Industrial Metal

Lubrizol innnovates technologies for metal protection coating products. Our diverse portfolio features advanced solutions for a variety of coating end-uses including coil coating, transportation coating, machinery coating, can coating, and powder coating applications. Our technologies enhance key performance attributes, imparting superior corrosion resistance, color strength, adhesion promotion, scratch resistance and mar resistance and improved overall performance. Lubrizol also offers primer, top coat and direct-to-metal resin technologies that offer a superior balance of durability and gloss. Performance Textiles

Textile coating solutions from Lubrizol are designed to help ordinary fabrics do extraordinary things - allowing them to become high performance textiles. Our advanced fabric coating technologies - including resins, polymers, additives and formulated solutions - can all work together to significantly enhance textile performance. Our broad portfolio of textile coatings are used to improve many functional and aesthetic properties, such as durability, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, water repellency, breathability and cooling. This is also accomplished while balancing required look and feel characteristics, including clarity, gloss/matte, hand, drape and noise dampening. Flame retardant coating and water repellant coating solutions are critical for many applications, but at Lubrizol, our technology and innovation team is ready to meet many diverse textile coating challenges. We collaborate with our customers, bringing textile and chemical expertise, to customize new products or enhance current offerings to meeting and exceed performance expectations.

Pigment Dispersant Solutions

Solsperse hyperdispersant technology optimizes pigment loading and color value. Whether dispersing a pigment into various media or treating an organic pigment during the manufacturing process, Solsperse polymeric dispersant solutions can add color value to preparation.

Plastics and Fiberglass Composite Solutions

Lubrizol products deliver excellent value to composite applications. Our line of Solplus dispersant technologies makes color and functional additive incorporation into plastic masterbatch easy. Composite structural products, like fiberglass mat, become stronger and more durable with our Hycar polymers. Lanco surface modifiers impart durability into scratch resistant coating products and specific tactile features to other plastic coatings.

Print and Packaging Coating Solutions

In the high-definition print and packaging markets, Lubrizol offers decades of application knowledge and technical formulating excellence. Our experts help connect material science to highly valued end-use performance properties, including durability, abrasion resistance, aesthetics, efficiency and functionality. Our diverse portfolio of products and services for packaging coating and packaging adhesive technology can be applied to solve problems in virtually every phase of the print and packaging world.

Wood Coating Ingredients for Premium Wood Finishes

Lubrizol provides unique coating solutions that make wood finishes more durable, beautiful and sustainable. Every product, every brand, every promise our team delivers focuses on performance, sustainability and simplicity. From helping you formulate better 1K wood finishes, to providing unique matting for UV coatings, Lubrizol has the key ingredients to improve your formulations.

Plumbing Systems

FlowGuard pipe and fittings are made of high-performance chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and offer a unique combination of benefits.

Fire Protection Systems

BlazeMaster fire sprinkler systems are the most specified non-metallic fire sprinkler systems in the world.

Industrial Systems

Corzan industrial systems are specially made to meet the high-temperature and high-pressure demands of industrial environments.


Markets and Applications

Wire and Cable Solutions

No condition is too extreme

What environmental forces does your wire or cable endure Wire and cable jackets made with our thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) provide the toughness, flexibility at lower temperatures, flame retardancy and abrasion resistance needed to extend the durability and service life of cables - whether they're stored outdoors, reeled and unreeled in extreme climates, twisted over rocky terrain, pulled through desert sands or arctic ice, or submerged in water.


  • Power/Energy: building/construction, mining, coiled/spiral cables, alternative energy
  • Telecommunication: telephone/data, military, fiber optics
  • Geophysical: land/marine, ocean bottom/off-shore, umbilical
  • Automotive: anti-lock braking systems-ABS harnesses sensor battery
  • Oil & Gas: multi-layer, single layer, MUX, downhole and seismic cable
  • Industrial: robot, chain, signal
  • Mass Transit: train/boat/airplane and subway/airport/public buildings
  • Miscellaneous: spiral/retractable, video/audio

    Film and Sheet Solutions

    Lubrizol's aliphatic and aromatic thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are available in polyester, polyether, and polycaprolactone grades to meet a variety of performance requirements for extruded film and sheet applications. It is used in a wide-range of thicknesses from 0.5-mil film to 50-mil sheet.

    Lubrizol's polyester-based engineered polymers exhibit excellent oil, fuel, and solvent resistance, high temperature performance, as well as good UV and hydrolytic stability. Polyether-based engineered polymers exhibit excellent low-temperature properties, hydrolysis, and fungus resistance.


  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)
  • Adhesive films
  • Automotive interior/exterior parts
  • Conveyor belts
  • Bladders (footballs/basketballs)
  • Breathable roofing membranes
  • Fuel/chemical lining for storage tanks
  • Ballistic/laminated glass
  • Textile applications
  • Foul weather & protective gear
  • Aerospace escape shoots
  • Portable fuel and water tanks

    Hose and Tube Solutions

    All the benefits you need

    Lubrizol is the leading thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) supplier for hose and tube solutions. Our unique product portfolio provides advantages like long-term flexibility, kink resistance and puncture resistance, high-burst pressure resistance and extended hydrolytic stability.


  • Multilayer or single layer spiral hoses
  • Oil and Gas - lay flat hose and material transfer hoses (chemicals,fuels,solids)
  • Industrial hoses
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Braided hoses
  • Packaging equipment
  • Air powered tools
  • Robotics
  • Dental equipment
  • Automated equipment
  • Pneumatic hoists

    Adhesive Solutions

    Enhanced flexibility, improved adhesion and low to high melting points (50-150C)

    Adhesives are at work every day in almost everything we interact with. From automotive and furnishing applications to textile bonding and novel methods for footwear and apparel construction, and a host of other applications, Lubrizol provides the highest quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) solutions available. Our broad product offering uniquely positions Lubrizol to satisfy your needs across a wide range of melting temperatures and crystallization speeds.

    Our dedicated focus to understanding emerging needs in this dynamic market, matched by our commitment to continuous innovation, results in products that advance performance to levels once believed impossible.

  • High-adhesion, plasticizer-free, soft PearlbondTM 300 series for bonding of any substrates in the textile market, even difficult ones. The outstanding elasticity of the new soft TPU series gives a freedom of movement, as well as comfort and soft touch.
  • New fast and high-heat resistant PearlbondTM 700 series offers high-performing solutions for fast setting bonding with good mechanical properties at low temperatures.
  • Pearlbond ECO TPU for reactive hot melt (RHM or HMPUR) offers high renewable material content and high thermoplasticity, and can be added to reactive hot melt formulations to improve crystallization speed.

    For more information on PearlbondTM 300 and 700 product series, please contact your local sales representative.


  • Automotive interior trim, filter, assembly foam-fabric bonding, plastic-to-metal bonding
  • Furniture wood-PVC lamination, woodworking, edge banding
  • Footwear sole bonding and shoe stiffeners
  • Tie coats for coated fabrics
  • Book binding
  • DIY adhesives
  • Seam tapes for apparel
  • Motives & label adhesives

    Transportation Solutions

    Let us outsmart your toughest transportation applications

    Today's demanding transportation markets are no match for the processing and end-use versatility of Lubrizol Engineered Polymers. Our thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) can be used in most every type of vehicle, providing safety, comfort, durability and environmental benefits. Our resins are also easier to handle during processing, ensuring higher flow control and consistency over competitive alternatives. From soft-touch applications in vehicle interiors to more rugged and vital components such panel and cables, Lubrizol adds value to manufacturers and end-users worldwide.


  • Passenger Cars:
    Gear knobs, door handles and cup holders (soft-touch surfaces that require excellent scratch- and abrasion-resistance and a comfortable, supple feel), and wire and cable jacketing around the engine and transmission (Excellent resistance to chemicals and oils)

  • Commercial Vehicles:
    Fuel bowls, seals and gaskets and sealing applications where chemical resistance is critical

  • Aerospace:
    Baggage and storage conveyors for durability and abrasion resistance

  • Locomotive:
    Shock pads (absorption properties) and sealing applications (chemical resistance)

    Compounding Solutions

    Enhance the properties of PVC

    Thanks to our engineered polymer solutions, like Pearlcoat soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), you can enhance the properties of PVC to improve impact strength, transparency, abrasion resistance and adhesion to a wide range of plastics and elastomers. PVC/TPU compounds give better adhesion to other plastics such as PC and ABS compared to plasticized PVC. This is important in 2K injection molding. In addition, PVC/TPU compounds have better welding properties for film to film or pipe to pipe.

    Outstanding Benefits

  • Low melting range for easy blending (120-130c) and reduced PVC degradation
  • Soft, and plasticizer-free, for comfort and a wider range of applications (70 shore a)
  • Polycaprolactone copolyester backbone for improved compatibility
  • Improved compatibility with PVC
  • Enhanced low temperature flexibility
  • High mechanical properties and wear resistance
  • Transparency


  • Wires & Hoses
  • Coatings
  • Artificial Leather
  • Footwear

    TPU for Electronics Solutions

    Improving electronics in every way possible

    Lubrizol is focused on delivering solutions to improve the performance and aesthetics of mobile electronic devices. Our customers know and value our problem-solving capabilities as well as our ability to provide them with differentiable performance to increase the value of their products.

    Electronics Components

    Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) engineered to provide protection to electronic devices, wearables, printed circuit boards and the manufacturing processes for electronic devices and components.

    Footwear Solutions

    The essential ingredient for design, cushioning and durability

    Lubrizol's product portfolio is preferred by end-users, design engineers and processors for its outstanding properties in demanding and high abuse applications. This is why footwear is an ideal application for our engineered polymers, such as thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

    Outstanding Benefits

  • Outstanding abrasion and wear resistance
  • Toughness and durability
  • Crystal clarity and reduced yellowness
  • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • Solvent-free bonding
  • Enhancement of recyclability**
  • UV resistance


  • Uppers
  • Shanks
  • Midsole
  • Adhesives
  • Outsole
  • Toe caps
  • Heel cups
  • Logos
  • Eyelets

    Performance Apparel Solutions

    Lubrizol's engineered polymer solutions, like highly versatile thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), have been quietly but undeniably improving the clothes we wear for over 50 years. Sport apparel, yoga pants and shape wear can be made sleeker and more figure flattering. Embellishments are limited only by your imagination. Let us show you how versatile TPU can be in creating unique designs.

    Outstanding Benefits

  • Improved performance and durability for abrasive environments
  • Elimination of sewn seams to prevent chafing
  • Hydrophobic (repel moisture)
  • Hydrophilic (absorb moisture)
  • Ability to act as a barrier to keep elements out
  • Flexibility with other additives such as flame retardants
  • Solvent-free and VOC-free options available (Oeko-Tex Certified)


  • Outerwear: hiking, rock climbing and general outdoor gear
  • Performance Sports: yoga pants, swim wear, excercise apparel, and running/bicycle shorts
  • Intimate Apparel: shape wear and lingerie

    Home Care

    Fabric Care

    Lubrizol provides rheology modifiers and functional polymers that can be used to formulate high clarity high efficiency fabric care systems.

    Carbopol polymers and Novethix L-10 polymer can be used to provide formulations with flow designed to meet the performance requirements of applications from laundry gels and pastes to non-aerosol pump spray liquids. The shear thinning rheology these rheology modifiers provide increase the product contact time enhancing the cleaning efficiency of the product on fabric. Carbopol polymers have good surfactant compatibility and will provide suspension and stabilization of insoluble ingredients.

    Novethix L-10 polymer is efficient in liquid laundry systems providing high clarity and high cleaning performance. In laundry pretreatment systems, this polymer can provide unique stain removal enhancement performance.

    Noverite functional polymers are used as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) replacements in laundry detergents. These polymers provide detergent builder functionality in laundry powder systems.


  • Rheology modifiers provide good shear thinning rheology with excellent stabilization.
  • The flow obtained reduces splashing of the detergent while maintaining good pourability and yielding a viscosity that provides consumer valued product aesthetics.
  • Novethix L-10 polymer provides excellent efficiency and clarity in liquid laundry detergent with good cleaning performance.
  • Noverite polymers provide builder functionality in powdered laundry detergents and can serve as a replacement for phosphates.
  • These polymers can provide builder functionality in laundry detergent systems.

    Dish Care

    Lubrizol provides Carbopol polymers and Noverite functional polymers that can be used to formulate automatic dishwashing systems and manual dishwashing formulations.

    Noverite 311 and 315 polymers are high performance polymers for improving the foam longevity and performance of a wide range of liquid detergent products. The unique ampholytic terpolymer structure enables foam boosting performance by synergistically interacting with the surfactants in the detergent products.

    Noverite AD 810 polymer is a multifunctional polymeric co-builder that is used as sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) replacement in automatic dish care. The unique acrylic terpolymer provides chelating, anti-scaling, and anti-filming properties. Noverite K series polymers also provide performance through chelation, inhibiting precipitation of silicates, carbonates, and phosphates along with crystal growth inhibition.

    Novethix HC200 polymer is a hyper-HASE polymer with a special molecular design to maximize its thickening efficiency in surfactant systems with clarity and synergy with electrolytes. It is designed to meet rheology needs for formulating crystal clear and viscous liquid detergents and is capable of thickening the most difficult to thicken surfactant systems.

    Carbopol polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels with high levels of electrolytes and builders. Carbopol polymers provide stable viscosity in high alkaline bleach containing systems which are used as sanitizing agents in automatic dish formulations. The shear-thinning rheology of Carbopol polymers also provide easy dispensing, and good dissolution while minimizing product dripping in dishwashers.

    Surface Care

    Customers today are looking for hard surface cleaners that are easy to use and effective, as well as, providing easier second-time cleaning. Formulating solutions with greater efficacy, longer lasting results, and unique product forms are required to satisfy customers. Search for unique surface care formulation ideas that contain Carbopol polymers, Novethix L-10 polymer, Noveritefunctional polymers, and Sulfochem and Chemoxide surfactants from Lubrizol.

    NEW Noverite 301, 310, and 311 polymers for Bathroom and Windows Cleaners. These high performance polymers are surface-substantive additives that create a hydrophilic surface that inhibits hard water spots and provides anti-fogging benefits. Secondary benefits include making soap scum easier to remove on second-time cleaning.

    Noverite 100 polymer is a novel, proprietary hybrid polymer technology that in cleaning and surface care formulations provides shine and surface protection to a wide range of surfaces. This functional polymer provides superior visual impact with the added benefit of water-resistance, stain protection, and micro-scratch filling in surface care applications.

    Carbopol polymers, Novethix L-10 polymer, Novethix HC200 polymer and Pemulen 1621 and 1622 polymers are perfect solutions for adding a broad range of flow properties to cleaning solutions from gels and pastes to non-aerosol pump sprays. Ensure consistent product delivery with excellent shear-thinning rheology. Enhance cleaning efficiency with increased surface contact time. Eliminate dripping and have target specific application with superior vertical cling and decreased mist.

    Noverite K-700 polymers enhance cleaning performance and provide chelation properties to enhance cleaning efficiency of the formulations.

    Sulfochem and Chemoxide surfactants provide detergency and foaming properties.

    Other Home Care Applications

    Lubrizol products and technologies are essential ingredients in a large variety of home care applications. Use our Formulation Finder to find formulations/products for your applications.

    Air Care

    Lubrizol provides rheology modifier choices that can be used to formulate a wide range of air freshener formulations: Novemer EC-1 polymer and Pemulen polymers.

    Rheology agents provide functionality in air freshener systems to control perfume release. These polymers modify the product flow improving the efficiency and functionality. These rheology modifiers can emulsify the fragrance with low or no surfactant. Reduction of the humectant and emulsifier levels is also possible providing systems which have less residue once the fragrance is fully released.

    Auto Care

    Lubrizol provides rheology modifiers and functional polymers that can be used to formulate car washes, protectants, polishes and degreasing products.

    Carbopol polymer, Pemulen polymers and Novemer polymers provide suspension and stabilization of gels, pastes, washes and emulsions. The rheology modifiers can suspend insoluble ingredients and will provide good vertical cling in the different product forms.

    Noverite functional polymers are used to reduce water spotting in wash systems allowing for low rinse systems with fewer residues left on drying.


    Carbopol polymers provide suspension and stabilization of insoluble ingredients in aqueous and select non-aqueous systems; Novethix L-10 and Carbopol polymers are used to create a wide variety of product formulations such as pump sprays, gels and pastes.

    Polymer Solutions

    We are polymer experts. We formulate and manufacture with virtually all commercially available materials.

    Lubrizol LifeSciences produces a wide variety of medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). In fact, we are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of medical grade TPU. Our polymers have been used throughout the healthcare industry for over 30 years.

    We also manufacture pharmaceutical polyacrylic acid excipients (e.g. Carbopol, Noveon AA-1, Pemulen products). We are the worlds largest manufacturer of carbomers and have been manufacturing pharmaceutical excipients for over 35 years.

    Our polymer expertise goes far beyond those we produce. We mold, extrude, and formulate with a wide range of biomedical and biopharmaceutical polymers ranging from silicone and thermoplastics in both medical device and pharmaceuticals to polylactic acid (PLA) and polylactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA) in complex drug formulations.

  • Medical-grade polymers and polymeric excipients
  • Custom polymer synthesis
  • Advanced polymeric drug delivery platforms
  • Expertise across a wide range of biomedical and biopharmaceutical polymers
  • Compunding capabilities for color matching and radiopacity

    Complex Drug Formulation

    At Particle Sciences We Deliver

    Particle Sciences, now part of Lubrizol LifeSciences, is a leading contract drug development and manufacturing organization with a comprehensive suite of services for the formulation and support of advanced drug delivery solutions. Particle Sciences offers customers a range of materials, drug formulations, support services and clinical manufacturing. With core expertise in drug delivery, Particle Sciences is a global leader in complex formulations including drug eluting device product development as well as sterile and particulate drug products.

    Particle Sciences complements Lubrizol by broadening our application and pharmaceutical development capabilities, providing full service drug delivery solutions across a variety of dosage forms.

    To learn more about our Drug Formulation services or to request a quote, please visit our Particle Sciences website at

    Contract Manufacturing

    Caring for the life of your product.

    Vesta, now part of Lubrizol LifeSciences, offers custom contract manufacturing services, including precision thermoplastic and silicone extrusion as well as comprehensive silicone fabrication. With decades of experience, the company's service, engineering expertise, and commitment to quality are sought by customers worldwide. Vesta's combined team works together to care for the life of customers' products.

    Vesta complements Lubrizol by offering broad capabilities in silicone fabrication and expertise in precision thermoplastic extrusion. Vesta's capabilities are enhanced through Lubrizol as well, with access to innovative polymer solutions,analytical and regulatory support, and worldwide reach.

    Acrylic Fiber Applications

    Setting the Pattern for Performance

    AMPS monomer imparts a number of enhanced performance characteristics to acrylic, modified-acrylic, polypropylene and polyvinylidine fluoride fibers:

  • Improved dye receptivity (derived from pendant sulfonate groups)
  • Richer color
  • Enhanced moisture absorbency
  • Increased process cleanliness and efficiency
  • Improved tensile strength
  • Improved static resistance

    As an added benefit, the incorporation of AMPS monomer in one side of a bicomponent acrylic fiber produces a product with a natural crimp.

    Copolymers of AMPS monomer also can be padded onto cotton or starch to increase water absorbency, after being coprecipitated from viscose solutions.

    Coating and Adhesive Applications

    Adhering to Basics

    AMPS monomer is field-proven to achieve exceptional latex stability in high- performance latex coatings. When used to prepare latex paint, the surfactant becomes an integral part of the paint film, resisting leaching. This also is true for latexes used in laminating, such as pressure-sensitive adhesives.

    The AMPS monomers dispersions of solids in aqueous media are colloidally stable, improving the preparation of high solids emulsions. Low molecular weight copolymers of AMPS monomer are especially effective dispersants for highly polar materials. These copolymers also can improve the preparation of high solids dispersions.

    Cosmetic Applications

    Pure Performance

    A high molecular weight AMPS homopolymer is a very efficient skin lubricant for hand lotions, body creams, soaps, shower gels, suntan lotions, hair conditioners, skin conditioners, after shave lotions, lip balms, cold creams, bubble baths, cleansing lotions, perfumes and controlled scent delivery.

    New and emerging applications include:

  • Anti-wrinkle Patches
  • Blackhead Removal
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Moisturizers

    Hydrogel Applications

    Medical Hydrogel

    The lubricity and anti-coagulant characteristics of AMPS monomer are also useful in a number of hydrogel applications, particularly in coatings for medical devices that come into contact with tissue, blood or other biofluids.

    The characteristic high water absorbing capacity and electrical conductivity of polymers containing AMPS monomer make them ideally suited for medical hydrogels. They improve electrical conductivity, adhesion, absorption and oxidative stability for such applications as defibrillator pads, EKG electrodes, and similar medical equipment. AMPS monomer-containing polymers are also well-suited for unique applications such as drug delivery, transdermal patches and a variety of wound care applications.

    Oil Field Application

    Core Technology

    Homopolymers and copolymers of AMPS monomer are used in many oil field applications where hostile environments demand high-performance products. In addition to its exceptional thermal and hydrolytic stability, characteristics, such as its hydrophilic nature, a tendency to increase viscosity and its divalent cation stability, help make AMPS monomer an ideal solution for many oil field operations.

  • In drilling oerations where conditions of high salinity, high temperature and high pressure are present, AMPS copolymers are used successfully to inhibit fluid loss.
  • In cementing operations within deep, high temperature wells, AMPS copolymers are used as nonretarding fluid loss control agents.
  • AMPS copolymers also are used in oil field environments as scale inhibitors, friction reducers and rheology control polymers, and in polymer flooding applications.

    Specialty Monomers Water Treatment

    Treatment as Solution

    The divalent cation stability of the AMPS monomers chemical structure results in polymers that are very effective in water treatment processes:

  • Low molecular weight copolymers and terpolymers are typically used to inhibit calcium, magnesium and silica scale in cooling towers, boilers, air washers and gas scrubbers. They also can be used as dispersants for silt and iron oxides and corrosion control.
  • High molecular weight copolymers are typically used to precipitate solids in the treatment of industrial and mining effluent.

    Water Treatment

    Carbosperse K-700 water treatment polymers are deposit control agents sold to water treatment service companies for use as formulation components for water treatment (e.g., cooling, boiler) programs. Carbosperse K-700 polymers are also used in a variety of industrial applications, including paint and coatings, textile, and agricultural formulations.

  • Carbosperse K-700 polymers include solvent and water polymerized polyacrylates, polymethacrylates, acrylate copolymers, and acrylate terpolymers.
  • Carbosperse K-700 polymers are multi-functional anionic polyelectrolytes that disperse particulates (e.g., silt, clay, iron oxide, pigments), and inhibit scale formation (e.g., calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium oxalate, barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, calcium phosphonate) over a broad pH range, and sequester di- and trivalent cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, zinc).
  • Used around the world, Carbosperse K-700 polymers have earned a reputation for high quality, consistency, stability, formulating flexibility, high total and active solids, and narrow molecular weight distributions

    Other Applications

    The Carbosperse K-700 polymers are multi-functional anionic polyelectrolytes that disperse particulates (e.g., silt, clay, iron oxide, pigments), and inhibit scale formation (e.g., calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, calcium oxalate, barium sulfate,calcium phosphate, calcium phosphonate) over a broad pH range, and sequester di- and trivalent cations (e.g., calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, zinc).

    In addition to water treatment, Carbosperse K-700 polymers are used in a variety of industrial applications, including paint and coatings, textile, and agricultural formulations.

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