Lakshmi Precision Screws Ltd is one of the leading companies which are pioneer in manufacturing advanced technologies to provide across the world incorporated in the year 1972. They have license agreements, joint ventures and alliances with various companies all over the world. They are also involved in completing requirements of several fields such as Automobiles, Wind Energy, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Locomotives, Machine Building and Equipments as well as many industrial items.

LPS is located in Rohtak, Haryana which is 60 kms far away from the National Capital New Delhi. The company has set another plant in 1993 due to increasing demand for their services worldwide. Recently two more units are established by the company first in Rohtak and another in Manesar, several leading automobile industries are located in this town includes Honda Motors, Hero Honda, Scooters India, and Maruti Suzuki. All automobile companies are the regular clients of them.

Four units of the company has encompasses an area of 1, 00,000 square meters with the 25,000 MT capacity of production annually. They endeavour to increase their production by 10% annually. All units are located near to the Raw Material Vendors, National Highways and Ancillaries that ensures uninterrupted production operations and convenience in providing their products. They are sincerely indulged in providing quality in their services at affordable prices. LPS India is acquired a prominence in the industry as they procured quality material from reliable vendors that are used to manufacture customized design solutions. For manufacturing forged component and fastener solutions that are provided globally makes them global leader.

They are among the largest exporting companies of Fasteners from India. They have sale 35% of fasteners in abroad countries such as USA (United States of America), Australia, Canada, Dubai, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Denmark, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland. They have partnership with Global Fastener Alliance (GFA). They are constantly involved in research to improve the quality of their products. They are highly thankful to their clients for choosing them and giving their feedbacks.


Quality System

Lakshmi Precision Screws is a ISO-9002, QS-9000, ISO-14001 & TS-16949 OHSAS 18001 and AS9100B certified company . Quality is very essential for our company and we are committed to produce Quality High Tensile Precision Fasteners. We ascertain that we procure and import our products from established and well reputed manufacturers and suppliers. Moreover, these products are checked at the manufacturer's premises in the presence of our quality auditors. Further these are tested again at our end to become completely sure of their quality. The most important criterion of Quality is the satisfaction of customer, both National & International.

To keep pace with ever-increasing quality rate of change, Management at LPS established QMS which act as a strategic tool in its own right. Which will :

  • Respond to change stakeholder's requirements
  • Provide control of processes with skilled manpower
  • Measures performance efficiency & cost
  • Drives continual improvement & integrates environmental, health & safety, functional & quality management Each lot that moves out of our production facilities undergoes mechanical, Chemical and metallurgical inspection at over 20 inspection nodes, beginning from raw material receipt to packaging.
A2LA, USA and NABL, India have accredited LPS test facilities. The 'Advanced Product Quality (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) have already been implemented. Strict on- line visual SPC techniques to monitor product quality on a real time basis have also been incorporated.

To ensure the best quality, we source raw materials, like wires and wire rods, from the best steel plants in South East Asia. With the latest advances in machinery automation, LPS has in-house capability to carry out all the operations for fasteners manufacturing. Cold forging with multi-station bolt makers of National, USA, Sakamura, Japan and Asahi Sunac. LPS is equipped with sixth generation machines where rolling can be done after heat treatment to ensure perfect lap free threading. Machining is done with CNC machines to form intricate shapes for specific applications. Continuous heat treatment improves product quality and the finish of the product is determined by application's specifications. All under the eagle eyes of an experienced quality assurance team.

Corporate Governance

LPS GROUP being a responsible corporate entity is conscious of utility, relevance and functional importance of ensuring and maintaining standards of utmost excellence of corporate governance at par with global practice in this regard. We at LPS GROUP are of firm resolve born of innate conviction, believe that the responsibility one of the vital ingredient of corporate ethos pervades and percolate through each and every segment of our corporate houses having no visible end, it starts from the idea to culmination and then again emerge out of it being a self sustaining and elastic concept to be followed always consistently with vigour in every nook and cranny of corporate entities.

It gives us a sense of contentment but not complacency to assert that the LPS GROUP since when it has come into vogue has shown and displayed exemplary commitment backed by synergic and concrete steps originated from sound concepts and percepts of effective corporate governance in all hues and colors, from alpha to omega of all establishment and activities therein. Moreover LPS GROUP has always been a torchbearer of conceiving, creating and maintaining internal systems along with policies and agenda strictly in the line of world standards in relation to corporate governance and responsibility whereof in the region, though having a gloss of richest and profoundest Indian spiritual traditions successfully imbibed and further chanellized as dynamic, workable principles not as sterile issues only for sake of talking.

LPS GROUP has successfully created the mechanisms and viable structures therein to ensure exemplary and professional responsibility and greater accountability in all its endeavors in every domain. Need less to say that aforesaid measures and steps are strictly in consonance of regulatory and other directions of SEBI and other relevant regulatory bodies created by the due process of law of the land.

As a natural corollary of compliance of fundamental duties enshrined in Article 51 A of the Indian constitutional law, we at LPS GROUP are committed with creative anxiety to ensure clean and hygienic environment and sustainable development. We at LPS GROUP have blended our commitment of environmental conservation with our corporate objectives and ethos with commitment and gusto.

We at LPS GROUP firmly believe with utmost faith in eternal virtues of honesty and integrity which will beget trust to lead us to the pinnacle of excellence and the zenith of accomplishment thereby becoming a global model to emulate and cited as a paragon of corporate ethics and values. We understand and have taken keen interest to undertake effective and practical steps to foster the spirit of enterprise and accountability along with promotion of transparency and responsibility in our whole establishment and works thereto. This spirit is apparent and is consistently pursued with perseverance in all its ideas, policies programmes and endeavours inter-alia including activities and dealings with the regulatory bodies, employees, stakeholders, shareholders and customers etc.

At LPS GROUP, all regulatory compliances are followed and applied with professionalism in letter and in spirit and all stakeholders are kept informed of all relevant developments taking place in our esteemed organization in furtherance of our commitment to sound corporate ethics of responsibility, accountability and transparency.

The LPS GROUP abides by all set norms and compliances, follows a process of transparency along with reasonableness and fairness in all its dealings, and imbibes the best governance practices with catholic zeal.

The LPS GROUP ensures that the rights and interests of all stakeholders are recognised and protected and all legal, statutory and other obligations fulfilled as and when arise with utmost care and due consideration coupled with professionalism and sense of purpose. The Group has developed a model code of conduct for its management and executives to ensure that the disclosure rules are followed without fail and there is accountability and transparency in the working of the organization to ensure discipline and excellence and zero tolerance for breach of the same.

LPS GROUP is committed to ensure the holistic health, maintenance and security concerns of each and every person at its premises viz. all plants and offices. Furthermore it is conscious and mindful of onerous need of taking pro-active initiatives and pragmatic steps in order to protect, nurture and ensure environmental obligations strictly in consonance of global regime in furtherance of fundamental duties in term of Article 51 A of Indian constitution, the paramount law of the land.

The Group is taking paramount interest in order to create clean and hygienic environment and is making endeavours for conserving and preserving natural resources. It is working actively towards preventing pollution by maximizing recycling, minimizing waste, reducing discharge and emissions and effectively using waste treatment plants. LPS GROUP has also invested in Effluent Treatment Plants and Water Treatment Plants which help us to make clean and dynamic environment free of impurities.

LPS GROUP has brain stormed various sessions internally to conceive and envisage sound and practical Environmental policy to fulfill its agenda of clean environment. LPS GROUP ensures that all wastage material is environment friendly, effluent treatment plants are optimally used, and recycling and energy efficiency is adopted across all the facilities. LPS GROUP is concerned not only to comply with only regulatory norms for prevention and control of pollution, but also to go beyond this by adopting clean technologies and improvement in management practices. LPS directors have always felt the compliance of end-of-the-pipe effluent and emission standards and have always given top priority coupled with utmost attention for large scale afforestation, greening of surrounding areas in and around factories and beautification of the plant's vacant premises. The employees are also made conscious of their responsibilities towards protecting the environment and add to its beauty by inducting sensitizing programs regarding vital importance of conservation of environment.

Wire Drawing

LPS has vertical integrated manufacturing plant with a production capacity of more than 25,000 metric tonnes per year.All manufacturing processes are carried out in-house with latest technology and most suitable machines with best in class Quality Management System.
  • Wire Rod Processing:-The process of Wire Rod Processing comes after detailed & thorough inspection of 100% raw material received for chemical compositions and forgeability. We have well-established NABL certified lab to verify the chemical composition and do have thorough verification in respect to inclusion rating and grains flow.

  • Wire Drawing :- Wire Drawing is carried out to get the required wire size for cold forging the parts depending upon the size of fasteners to be manufactured. Generally, the percent reduction in area is maintained between 7% to 15% so that there is not much resistance for deformation during cold forging wherever high percentage of reduction in area is required during wire drawing. Spheroidized Annealing of wire rod is carried out and its spheroidization value is maintained at greater than 90%. All wires are drawn from wire rod which is spheroidized annealed so that after spheroidized annealing, the wire rod is acid pickled and zinc phosphate which will act as lubricant during a skin passing in the wire drawing machine. This wire is now ready for cold- forging

  • Annealing Process:-

    a. Low Temperature (Stress Relieving) Annealing(500' C to 650' C) : It is carried out at 500, C to 650, C for stress relieving the product before next operation. Furnaces used are PIT furnaces and Continuous Tempering Line.

    b. Vacuum Annealing(800' C) : The purpose to carry out this operation is to achieve extra low hardness in vacuum to have decarburization free product working range up to 800, C.

    c. Spherodized Annealing(700' C) : This type of annealing is done to change the lamellar pearlitic structure to Spheroidised structure in order to achieve suitability for Cold forging. Company has a facility 300 Tonnes per month for spherodized annealing capacity in first phase, planning of 1000 Tonnes per month in future.


    LPS has the capability to develop and forge highly special parts, Bolts/Screws/Studs etc. along with the vast range of standard fasteners.

    Hot Forging
    Dia. Range : M20 - M48
    Length : 60 mm - 450 mm

    Cold Forging
    Dia. Range : M1.6 - M27
    Length : 6 mm - 300 mm

    In Cold forging, the grain structure will be uniform and will take the shape of the contour of the tools used while upsetting the raw material to the desired head shape. So this will give higher strength of the forged part compare to the machine part and the surface finish thus obtained a 'A' grade product. Parts like self tapping screws, Machine screws having Phillips and pozy drive can only be cold forging.

    Hot Forging, is carried out diameter greater than 20 mm or for smaller diameter where the length of the screws is beyond the capacity of the cold forging and also where the volume is smaller quality can be hot forged. Hot Forging also encompasses higher manufacturing tolerances which have more possibility for additional head styles.

    Secondary Operation

    At LPS, Secondary Operation is carried out after the initial first operation Cold and Hot Forged. The operation that is carried out within its premises for the competition of the certain tasks may include some of the operations as mentioned below:-

    Circular Rolling Tapping
    Flat RollingKnurling
    CNC TurningTraub
    Center Less GrindingGroving
    Cylindrical GrindingMilling
    Cylindrical Grinding CNCStraightening

    Heat Treatment

    LPS Group has capabilities of under taking following Nature of Heat Treatment Process like Through Hardening & Tempering ,Case hardening through Carburizing, Nitriding , Carbonitriding etc. Heat Treatment of fasteners is carried out to achieve the desired mechanical properties like 1.Tensile Strength, 2. Hardener, 3.Impact Strength, 4.Torque Strength, 5. Fatigue Strength etc. Ranges of size for Hardening & Tempering : Diameter M3 to M50 , Length 3mm to 1500mm.

    Hardening & Tempering
    For all Low Carbon ,high carbon steels, tools of heat treatment grade like HDS ,SPK ,High Speed (HSS).

    Finishing Details

    LPS plants has capabilities of under taking following variety of surface finishes which are as follows:

    Zinc Plating (Black, Green, White, Bleach, Yellow)- Hexavalent Chrome Cr-VIDorken's Delta Seal
    Zinc Plating chrome Frame Cr-III Trivalent Chrome(Black, White, Bleach, Yellow)Dorken's Delta Tone
    Zinc Iron PlatingThermal And Chemical Blackening<
    Dacro CoatingsZinc And Manganese Phosphating
    Geomet CoatingsZinc Cobalt
    Hot Dip GalvanizingZinc Nickel Plating