Louis Poulsen is a well known and reputed producer of lighting products and it an integral part of the Targetti Poulsen Industries lighting group. The company aims at most professional markets of lighting and manufactures lights and accessories solutions for meeting the needs of outdoor and indoor applications. They cooperate very closely with the architects since many years and this is what has made Louis Poulsen a top notch and best in class supplier of lighting products for architectural usage. Along with Poul henningsen, Louis Poulsen manufactured lighting products amalgamated with the comfort and ensured functionality. Their products are designed with very simplistically designed that are ideal to meet the requirements of all sorts of architecture whether it is new or old or even it is par the cultures. 


Their passion is to design and sell outstanding lighting statements through products that provide ambience to people and architecture

By unique lighting they mean lighting in close accord with their lighting philosophy. Lighting which undergoes extensive testing to optimise comfort and ambience. These are elements Louis Poulsen closely associates with human well-being in artificially lit areas, and which help optimise what they call the Feel Good Factor of the light fixture.

They design products in strict accordance with their product philosophy. This means that all products are tested in relation to their function, comfort and ambience.

They produce lighting for people and for their well-being. Louis Poulsen's lighting philosophy therefore develops in step with the available light sources, which have always been the foundation for the development of their products. Energy consumption, general human well-being and their values together provide the basis for Louis Poulsen's product development.


Wherever outstanding lighting statements are desired, Louis Poulsen is the most preferred partner and brand

Louis Poulsen's close cooperation with architects has been key to its market position throughout the years. The combination of the architects' approach, Louis Poulsen's lighting philosophy and the accumulated expertise has led to impressive and innovative world-class lighting solutions.

Louis Poulsen's partner focus entails unique cooperation during the product development phase and technical support in relation to specific projects. Such collaboration has frequently resulted in products that have become part of Louis Poulsen's standard range due to their unique design and great versatility.

With Louis Poulsen as a partner, they can together create a future-proof lighting project that fulfils the highest standards of quality functionality and design.

Louis Poulsen is awarded with many prizes and recognitions for their extraordinary contribution to the light fixtures and products over the years. The company is proud of its achievements and those are the only reason that they continuously strive to become better and better in their manufacturing world class products.

AIA Honors for Collaborative Achievement

The International AIA awarded the company with Collaborative Achievement Award which is very significant for them. As per the American Institute of Architects or AIA statements, it is a company that has casted beneficial impact on the advancement of architectural professions.

The Orbiter post light - a Danish Design Classic

Murase Plaza Memorial Park, US

The Orbiter post light which is designed by Jens Moller Jensen. This is the best seller light fixtures for outdoor purposes. Their products are highly cost effective and quality ensured lighting products. Their designs are original and appealing over 25 years.



Connecting architecture and light

The KiBiSi design group and Louis Poulsen are launching a different interpretation of the adaptation of lighting for architecture.

Morphing is a graphic technique whereby a picture makes a transition into another picture through a smooth movement.

The KiBiSi design group trio, Jens Martin Skibsted, Lars Larsen and Bjarke Ingels, have reinterpreted wall and ceiling lighting, drawing on the morphing design concept. In cooperation with Louis Poulsen, the result is the exciting new product - Silverback - now ready to be launched around the world.

Silverback is a super minimalistic fixture. At first glance it may look familiar, but a closer look reveals it as the result of innovation.
Lp Circle

Lp Circle

Design: Mikkel Beedholm, KHR Architects

Louis Poulsen has launched a versatile new series of fixtures - LP Circle. The fixtures have been specially developed for general lighting in offices and institutions, and are the result of productive cooperation between KHR arkitekter and Louis Poulsen.
Aj Eklipta Led & Munkedgaard Led

Aj Eklipta Led & Munkedgaard Led

Design: Arne Jacobsen

AJ Eklipta LED

AJ Eklipta was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1959 for Rodovre Town Hall. Jacobsen originally designed the light in two sizes:0 13.7"and 0 17.7", and later developed 0 8.7" (a smaller version) for St. Catherine's College in Oxford.

AJ Eklipta is an ultraminimalist product that features a unique lighting concept. The clear glass edge that surrounds the fixture evokes a halo around the opalized surface when the light is both on and off. It is a beautiful, spectacular touch that clearly demonstrates Jacobsen's keen eye for even the smallest detail.

Munkegaard LED

Designed exclusively for Denmark's Munkegaard School in 1955, this fixture fast became a designer's choice. Because of its versatility and unique effect, today, Munkegaard is seen throughout a wide range of applications, from residences to universities. Munkegaard is a design icon. The ideas behind the fixture and its presencein the room are so special that it is possible to talk of product design without any kind of architectural or cultural limitations.
New Ph 3½-3 Pendant

New Ph 3½-3 Pendant

Design: Poul Henningsen

To mark Poul Henningsen's 120th birthday on 9 September, Louis Poulsen is launching the new PH 3 1/2-3 pendant.

The PH 3 1/2-3 pendant is based on Poul Henningsen's original drawings from the late 1920s and early 1930s, featuring his renowned three-shade system.

The pendant has metal shades, available in green, yellow, red and white. The fixture housing is silk mat brown and made of copper. All colours are based on Poul Henningsen's colour universe. Like the designer, the fixtures are colourful!

The PH 3 1/2-3 pendant is a piece of Danish lighting design history. It provides functional, decorative light, and gives any interior a boost simply by being there, whether lit or unlit. It is beautiful alone, or grouped with other fixtures.
Toldbod 120 Duo

Toldbod 120 Duo

Design: Louis Poulsen

The popular Toldbod 120 pendant is now available in a variety of new colour combinations that are sure to spice up any interior design solution.

The excellent lighting properties of the Toldbod 120 pendant makes it ideal for use in many different residential settings: above the table in the kitchen, for example, or as a component in still life arrangements designed to create a special atmosphere in the room. The concentrated downward directed light adds life and character to the items illuminated.

The recommended retail price of the Toldbod 120 Duo is DKK 1,495 including VAT, and the fixture can be used with light sources from energy classes A-D. Louis Poulsen recommends light sources from energy classes C and D.