Create your own world under the open sky
The modern and contemporary world is being ruled and conquered by concrete structures, that is where Loom Crafts comes into picture and proffers an environment which is not only limited to mere concrete walls but with a redefined way of the personal living and comfort. They cater customers with a retreat of luxury and peace of mind to live freely and fully.

About Loom Crafts
The company weaves the tale of excellence with innovation and creativity. It was established in the year 2005 and since then, it has continued to enhance and expand it accessibility to provide customers with quality ensured outdoor solutions completely.

The key to their success is simple as to have a belief that outdoor lifestyle can also be integrated with comfort, luxury and style as the indoor one. Therefore they have a wide range of products that are amalgamated with traditional and contemporary designs. These designs are ideal enough to be compatible with the day to day life needs. No matter, whether it is about residential or commercial usage, they use path braking and innovative revolutionary technology that can meet all sorts of customers’ requirements seamlessly.


Their products and solutions are customized for the fine and luxurious living for the customers who are not satisfied less than the best. Their products are manufactured and designed in India with the dedication and workmanship of over 800 craftsmen, artisans and weavers to cater best in class products.