Longhi focus on contemporary living offering a wide range of products like sliding glass room dividers, furnishing accessories, sofas and door for interiors. They regularly update catalogs which consist of design philosophy, functionality and comfort followed by its vision with and elegant and understated appeal.

Guarantee Of Authenticity & Quality

All its products are supplied with the certificate of quality and authenticity as a guarantee against any type of imitation. The raw material used is of quality standard from reputed suppliers with high tech manufacturing facility. They have a team of professionals and qualified staff to check production process. The guarantee they provide is on the original product manufacturing defects and can be replaced or repaired free of charge of unusable and defective parts. The guarantee does not cover damages occurring due to water or tear over time, illegitimate use or force majeur. There is also no guarantee on incorrect assembling of the products or is the assembling does not comply with the instruction in these cases they don't provide any guarantee. They don't provide any guarantee on unassembled products if repaired by anyone which is not authorized to them.


Leather is a natural product that preserves and qualifies it without changing its durability. In this case guarantee they provide does not cover customers' own leather or fabric. The signs of wrinkles, dowel should be considered as peculiarities not defects. The natural adjustment of the padding is not considered as a defect. The marbles and soft quartzite are manufactured using CNC technology. They don't use any explosive to drill or cut the marble it is extracted using drilling and cutting the sides of the block. There are few stones like Emperador, Frappuccino and Port Black have a unique characteristic that if bought to compactness are hard and fragile. Wood is a natural material any type of natural change say temperature or humidity affects the food. So they provide quality material wood to make a world class furniture piece. The "certificate of Guarantee" and the buying inoice should be kept safe in order to avail the service when needed at the time of issues or problems.


For the collection of aluminum chic, glass and aluminum are used as the raw material. It is being said that tempered glasses are five times higher mechanical resistive than a normal glass when broken shatters into small pieces. They follow UNI EN 12150 in terms of safety. In case of laminated glasses between the glasses there is a thin plastic film which is invisible and transparent which adheres the two surfaces. In case of breakage this plastic film holds all fragments. The cleaning procedures and maintenance are done very easily. They use extrusion technology to manufacture aluminum structures of all the products. All the marbles are manufactured with the help of CNC technology to guarantee the natural integrity of stone. Whenever you purchase its products the certificate of guarantee and the buying invoice should be forwarded to them and they will retained the entire period till the guarantee is valid.