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Lloyd Flagship Store
Lloyd Flagship Store

Location: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: 38 Lacs

Area: 1400 Sq.Ft

Client: Lloyd Shoes

Project Duration: 2004 - 2005

When Lloyd shoes, Germany decided to launch its first flagship store in India in collaboration with Tata International they had strong ,apprehensions about nesting in an old heritage building in Mumbai. what better can Mumbai offer than a beautifully located sea facing site in CoLaba in an awesome Portuguese building which still retains that old charm- a perfect setting for a timeless brand which dates back to its roots in 1888, The old character of the building contributed majorly to the design whit a striking contrast of plush interiors amidst rustic settings.

A red line, which flows as a significant mark in all of Lloyd products. unfolds in various forms in the concept interiors designed for lloyd. A line on the floor, pulled up in the third dimension generates planes and Surfaces apt for displaying product. At places this line transforms into random ledges and shelves on wall surfaces acting as platforms for display of varied leather products.

The entire floor is divided into men's and women's section. As one women's greets warmly with an extensive range of shoes,handbags, etc. A long corridor connects this to the rear areas. Running rafters bring down the scale of this area making it more human. at the same time, the old vaulted ceiling exposed help retain the old charm at the building. As one waIks along the corridor, a large surface splits up from the wall generating more areas tar display and adding of element of interest to the dead corridor. Larger than life signage and displays at end of the corridor draws a visitor in.

Small pauses on the other side of the corridor render spaces for display of accessories like belts, organizers, executive bags etc. Here the ceiling folds into wall surfaces, unfolding alcoves to house an array of accessories. the entrances to the stores in the lower ground area are smartly camouflaged behind signage. The men's area has an exclusive 1888 flagship collection corner. This cozy corner designed on the lounge concept, imparts a classy and elegant ambience to the elite customers Placid, white finishes, with ambient lighting not only render a very tranquil character to the whole ambience but at the same time impart a very neutral backdrop tot the display of products.