Living Room stories made its debut in the year 2010. Our venture began as a construction company based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We achieved success in construction sector and then gradually decided to expand our business in the field of interior designing and then there was no looking back.

We now offer our customers a wide range of wallpapers, flooring, blinds, PVC doors, wall décor, different types of ceiling, modular kitchen and also vaastu consultation services as per your requirements. We have been praised by our clients for providing them with exclusive services. We also provide interior designing services to home users and corporate house across India.

If you want to spruce up your home, then we can offer you the best solution. Just check out our exclusive range of wall tiles. We have made it a point to offer you wall tiles in different styles and finishes. All you need to do is to browse through different options and get ready to check out the end result. You will be surprised to know that these wall tiles are just apt to spruce up the looks of your home just the way you wanted it.

We also stock a wide range of blinds and curtains such as Vertical blinds, Roller blinds Roman blinds, decorative curtains and customized curtains etc. If you are searching for flooring options for your home, then you have come at the right place. Our flooring options include Vinyl or PVC flooring, Hardwood flooring, Laminate flooring, Artificial flooring, tiles flooring, sports flooring and carpets etc.

So, what are you still waiting for? Visit us now and we are sure you will be able to select something which will help you to give a makeover to your home or office as per your requirements.

3D Floor Plan

Living Room Stories is a pioneer when it comes to offering 3D floor plan services for its clients. We have expert professionals who are adept at providing aesthetic and precise 3d floor plans. Our methodology includes taking accurate measurements of carpet area, height and wall of each rooms and then creating exclusive 3D model for your property.

Our 3D floor plans have helped many of our esteemed customers to get a clear understanding of how their property looks. We make it a point to create visually appealing floor plans so just visit us once with your requirements and leave the rest in our safe hands.

Are you worried about the expenses which you have to bear for availing this service? Well, don't worry because we provide you 3D plan service at a price which you can easily afford. Our 3D plans are created in such a way so that it is easier to understand than a blueprint of your property. This proves to be very advantageous as you can easily show this property to your prospective buyers and seal a profitable deal within shortest possible time.

So, do you want to know more about our 3D floor plans? Well, our 3D floor plans are characterized by unique features such as customizability, scalability and flexibility. Our expert professionals take care of every minute detail and give you a floor plan which is very stunning. So, what are you waiting for? Just contact us without wasting any more time.


Living Room Stories is your one stop shop for catering to your interior and exterior designing needs. We have a team of well trained and experienced designers so just consult us and see how we help you to create an elegant looking home or an office with a corporate environment.

Our consultation service will help you to get a remodeled space which you will be proud of. We will first listen to your requirements and then discuss what is apt for catering to your needs. We will incorporate your ideas so rest assured that you will be getting a space which you had just visualized for yourself.

With the help of our service you are bound to get your home designed in such a way so that it matches your taste and lifestyle. We offer a professional guidance and personalized approach in all the projects we undertake. This will help you to improve the looks of your home and increase its value in the long run.

We take care of all your needs and are committed to offer you the best solutions that too within your specified timeframe. We are well known in this industry for providing customized solutions so just sign up with us without giving a second thought.


Living Room Stories offers top quality interior design execution services at reasonable prices so you can easily afford it. We have been praised by our clients for offering them with exclusive and innovative design solutions. With the help of our services you are bound to get value for your money.

We have on board a team of professional designers so you can completely rely on them for providing you with the best results. Our execution services are carried out in most competent manner and this has helped us to carve out a name for ourselves in this highly competitive industry.

We start our work process by offering clients several design ideas and concepts and they are free to choose any design which catches their fancy. After the design has been finalized by the client we show them a graphical representation of this design so that the client is able to exactly understand what their chosen design would be like in reality. This graphical layout will help the client to point out any changes which they require before the actual execution of the work begins.

So, if you are interested in changing the interiors of your home then do get in touch with us right away. We offer top quality services and timely completion of your project within a given timeframe.

Turnkey Projects

Living Room Stories is a pioneer in the field of offering turnkey projects. We are specialists in this field and have been offering the best projects for a long period of time. Our personalized approach and paying attention to even minutest detail has helped us to create exclusive layouts which is sure to create an impact on prospective buyers.

Our turnkey projects are characterized by its unique features. We design layouts in such a way so as to make optimum use of the available space. We have expert professionals to see the entire project right from the start to its final completion. Our turnkey project service includes obtaining statutory approvals, monitoring construction process and coordinating with contractors and suppliers etc.

Our services are geared at paying close attention to the project so that it is competed in timely manner and also within your limited budget. We make it a point to keep you informed about our work process so you know what is being done at each stage of the project.

We are well known turnkey project contractors and strive hard to offer you the best designing solutions to meet your needs and requirements in most efficient manner. Just get in touch with us and see for yourself how we offer you top quality service which will just go beyond your expectations.


Living Room Stories is your ultimate destination if you are looking for vaastu services for your home or office. We offer our clients with expert vaastu advice which will meet their needs in efficient manner. Our services are reasonably priced so you are not required to burn a hole in your pocket if you consult us for catering to your needs.

We have well experienced vaastu consultants who will offer you the best vaastu tips so just get in touch with them without wasting any more time. Our vaastu experts use traditional wisdom along with usage of latest technology to provide you with the best solutions for catering to your individual requirements.

Vaastu shastra services are geared at maintaining the best equilibrium of five elements namely Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Space in a building. With the help of our vaastu services you will be able to make your home and office vaastu compliant. This, in turn, will help you to make achieve happiness, maintain good health and also attain prosperity.

So, are you interested in signing up for our vaastu service? Well, then just contact us without any further delay. You can show us the interiors of your home and office and we will help you to modify it with the help of vaastu principles. Check our service now and rest assured with the help of this service prosperity and good health is bound to knock on your door sooner than you had expected.