LiuGong is committed to world-class quality and engineering. The result Machines that are easy to own, easy to operate and easy to maintain. World-class machines must be built with world-class components. So, we use globally-respected systems and suppliers you can count on like Cummins, ZF, Kawasaki and others. With components like these you know your machine will work and work and work for you.
We also use Six Sigma quality processes every step of the way to make LiuGong products truly excellent in every way.

LiuGong employs over 1,000 research and development engineers to guarantee versatility, durability, efficiency and productivity in every machine. Rigorous testing ensures that your equipment can tackle any job you throw at it. If a machine needs to be handled with care, it’s not making you all the money it can. That’s why, when you buy LiuGong, you buy the best: Rugged, reliable machines that can tackle anything at any time.

With over 13,000 employees worldwide, 1800 sales outlets, 251 dealers, 20 manufacturing facilities, 10 regional parts depots and nine strategically placed global offices, we have all your local service and support needs covered.

With LiuGong, you know you'll get personal attention, prompt service and a devoted partner dedicated to your success. When you think about it, you don't have time for anything less. The job must get done, no matter what.