A.N.R. International is most popularly known for its manufacturing of bulbs and LED bulbs in India. All kinds of bulbs and LED bulbs are being manufactured and supplied by our company. LiteSun has been in the industry performing for more than 20 years and have successfully achieved customer satisfaction with our products and services. We had started our business with our main activity being in the area of Distribution and soon we gained a lot of appreciation and satisfaction from our clients. It is for this high level of satisfaction from the clients that we wanted to serve more in this field of business and started with manufacturing of the bulbs and supplying them to our customers.

Our Motto
Our key motto is to achieve customer satisfaction by making their lives better with the newer innovations in lights and bulbs. We ensure that the requirements of our clients are met effectively especially with the new LED systems of lights which are gaining huge popularity among the users. Our customers' happiness is all that we target to achieve and we have been successful in this regard in all these years of our performance.

Evolution of Our Business
Our Company has been into the industry of FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods along with the Distribution of CFL bulbs for more than 20 years. Our key target has been to fulfil the regular needs and requirements of our customers in regard to their daily lives.

We have been working under the name of SunLight and supplying our products to the customers in a highly committed and dedicated manner.

While earlier we were only in the distribution industry, gradually we moved to the manufacturing sector, after spending several years in the industry, to have our own unit of business and to satisfy our customers based on their specific needs and requirements.

Our Values and Strategies
We believe in a positive approach to work and delivery to our customers. Our attitude to work can be easily observed by our clients once they are attached to us and our services and products.
At our organization, we work in teams and ensure that all members are well-trained towards offering a highly committed service to all individual customers. Innovation is our major focus as we want to offer our customers with unique and new products that other companies in the industry are not offering. We want to change the world for the better and hence target to make our customers experience the world of innovation and new styles and experience through our products.

With our manufacturing services in the field of bulbs and LED bulbs, we have created a brand of our own. We are offering products such as LED bulbs, LED lights, LED street lights, Cooler pumps, LED tube lights, Down lighter which we are manufacturing by ourselves under the name of LiteSun.

We have plans to improve our manufacturing works and services to keep satisfying our customers and fulfil their needs effectively and successfully.