Established in the year 1959, the Karl Lingel Fenster GmBH & Co. KG is located in Ellwangen, which is a small town situated in Germany. Since then, the Lingel Company is enlisted as one of the leading and top most manufacturing company in Europe, of extremely high quality ensured doors and windows. The company has sound knowledge of construction and building projects and they also proffer products and services with cutting edge and true-to-date technology. The company deeply believes in the importance of their products as they play a vital role in enhancing and improving the standard of people’s life. Also, they stress on energy conservation as the world population is growing immensely and resultantly the demands of people are also increasing with the same pace. They are proud to be proficient in meeting customers’ demands even after 50 years of their establishment.


You are at Home
  • Their vision is to be a world-class provider of quality service and products to the markets they serve.
  • Lingel is dedicated to quality.
  • Continuous improvement of Quality System, Providing Quality Sustainability, Ensuring Leadership by Following Latest Technology Developments.
  • Preventing Environmental Pollution by Scrap Recovery Process Donating Charitable Institutions, Accordingly Holding People in High Respect.
  • Preparing Modern Working Circumstances to Personnel for Continuous Progress Providing Sustainable Training and Motivation
  • Their Quality Assurance/Quality Control is committed to providing their clients with quality products and services.
  • This program sets the standards and criteria to assure that their work meets or exceeds applicable codes and project requirements.
  • Excellent quality of service and performance ranks high on their list of objectives.
  • As a "value-added" contractor, Lingel employs dedicated people who routinely demonstrate their mission to provide their clients superior, cost-effective products through efficient production and on-time delivery.
  • The successful completion of your project on or before schedule is their goal, but no project can succeed without well-trained employees working collectively to make this happen.
  • Lingel's Quality Assurance program covers all areas of their services and products in fabrication.
  • Adherence to their quality program is mandatory and documented.
  • As a result of their dedication their service has many satisfied customers who repeatedly contract with us.


It is a known fact that nature's resources have always been consumed by man from the beginning. Humans destroyed forest for their shelter by cutting trees to obtain wood and timber. It is a great threat to mankind to destroy the world around. In this modern world a place to live, is every man's dream. So how would you create a living place which is eco-friendly and a solution to the destruction of nature? Well here is the answer, Welcome to the world of Lingel windows and doors Technologies. Lingel believes that its products have important roles to play in helping to improve people's lives and conserve energy in a world that is growing in population. Lingel is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality doors and windows made up of UPVC, Unplasticised Poly Vinyl chloride. Having a sound background in building construction projects, Lingel also provides cutting edge technology in UPVC production. What is UPVC? How it is used in production of doors and windows in modern technology.

PVC is a multi-purpose material and find its application virtually everywhere and hence it is ideal for the production of doors and windows. Unplasticised PVC, UPVC or rigid PVC is specially formulated PVC which has been made resistant against the UV rays of the sun. This keeps the product in new condition even after many years of usage. UPVC has excellent chemical resistance across its operating temperature range, with a broad band of operating pressures. Due to its long-term strength characteristics, high stiffness and cost effectiveness, UPVC systems account for a large proportion in production of Doors and windows. Widely used materials for window frames are Wood, Steel, Aluminum and PVC. Aluminium and steel are good conductors of heat and hence the energy conservation is poor. UPVC is a poor conductor of heat so it is high in energy conservation

Comparison Of U Values

U Value of Frame Material: U - Value (W/m2K) - Wood - 2.78, Aluminum - 4.93, PVC - 1.40

The higher the U value, the better the conducting properties of the material. PVC has the lowest U value and is hence popular in windows & Doors manufacturing.

Lingel found this characteristic of UPVC and thought it would the best replacement for any other material which is also eco-friendly and started the production of Doors and windows using UPVC in its factory with cutting edge technology.

UPVC are resistant to almost all types of corrosion, either chemical or electrochemical in nature. Since UPVC is a non-conductor, galvanic and electro chemical effects do not occur in UPVC.

Lingel Windows and Doors are fitted with galvanized steel reinforcement. It makes the window very stable and prevents any bending of the UPVC. Steel reinforcement channels are put inside the profile chambers.

It complies with highest requirements in sound insulation and protection against heat and cold.

The tested construction of the seals keeps the rain water out seals the glass panel against the UPVC profile.

With its thermal transmittance and low energy, building standards can be achieved even with low cost double glazing. Many special glasses are available for higher insulation standards against heat, cold and noise. The heavy duty multi chamber system offers everything for high quality Windows & Doors.
Our UPVC windows and doors are a custom made to order product. We will happily arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements completely free of charge and without any obligation or pressure.

We offer:
  • Free professional consultation followed by a quotation
  • Free project planning and design consultations
  • Specialized site inspections and site supervision are free of charge.
  • Lingel Company is dedicated to provide you the best solutions that are high on standards, at very affordable rates. Our products & customers speak our language.
    Our strength is our turn-around time since we work with different projects according to the demand and the need of customers.
    We update ourselves every moment to be at par with the advancement that happen in window/door Technology. By doing so, we are able to pass on the benefits of "being techically-advanced" to our customers.

    Lingel Company in India has installed a variety of high-tech machines from Germany, this together with our skilled technicians,
    who have been trained in Germany, ensures the high quality of all our products for which we give you an unconditional guarantee against manufacturing defects.
    This investment is to build a trusting relationship with our customers.
    In addition to supplying the Window and Door Systems, we can also install them at your place with our own team of technicians.

    From Consultation To Installation

    • What has always distinguished us from our competition is our endless desire to service our customers.
    • We demonstrate this through prompt response to inquiries, short lead times and technical support.
    • We are proud of this commitment and know that we can satisfy your need for perfect Windows and Doors.
    • Our consultants show and explain to you the different systems available. Measurements are usually taken at site, each Window and Door
    • opening is measured to assure a perfect fit.
    • To ensure high quality standards, we also offer maintenance servicing and guarantee replacement of spare parts.
    Design Wall Delhi, 2016 took place on 1st December. Over 60 shortlisted brands showcased thier innovation and were judged on the basis of revolution, excellence and creativity by 100+ jury members comprising leading architects, developers and designers. After the awe-inspiring success of the event, ACETECH presented Design Wall Delhi Awards on 15th December to felicitate the winners. Attaining the golden lining wrapped in success, LINGEL WINDOWS AND DOORS TECHNOLOGIES aced by being the GOLD WINNER.