Licensed Engineers and Supervisors federation

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Rajendran Memorial Building, West Fort Road, Palakkad, Kerala, India - 678001
+91 9847402660

Licensed Engineers and Supervisors federation abbreviated as LENSFED is an organization of registered engineers, supervisors and town planners of all over Kerala. More than 10,000 practicing professional of construction industry have been taken effective membership, it has been registered in the trade union act, LENSFED has thousands of unit committees more than 50. Taluke Committees, fourteen district committees and a well established state committee at the Kerala state level

The main objective of LENSFED is service the community through the construction field.
To ensure the job security of its members.
To ensure the suitable situation in the construction field.
To encourage high ethical standards in the profession of its members.
To promote and propagate the sense of eco friendly construction among the members.
To rebuild the nation with esthetic planning and constructive servicing.
To encourage the members for professional updating and to utilize the educational opportunities.
The creator did not make all men alike. LENSFED there for does not attempt to put the minds of its members in to a common mold. But we hew close to the line of our own objective. We believe that the universal application of tolerance and friendliness would bring the unity of engineers and supervisors of all over kerala.

LENSFED have taken the main part to renew the building rule 1984. We have give practical suggestions to the newly published building rule 1999.
Due to our agitation like VAHANAJATHA, RJD office dharna secretariate Dharna the Government has been agreed to give state vide Registration to professionals, and the powerful interference make One day permit single window programmed and implementation of building rules to all panchayath.

Past Events by Licensed Engineers and Supervisors federation (1)

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Mega Build Expo
03 - 05 Oct'15