Lekha Washington

Lekha WashingtonSelf taught as a sculptor, Lekha had her first solo art show at an early age of 18 years. Since then, she has been working consistently towards pushing the bar in the fields of art, product design and performance.

Armed with a dual degree of lifestyle product design and film direction, Lekha graduated with honors from the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Keenly interested in being on the other side of the camera, Lekha's acting career took off soon after, with lead roles in several languages.

Her passions were two-fold and continued to evolve as she created several pieces of art and design parallel to her busy acting schedule.

Lekha Washington founded "Ajji- The Odd Product Company" in 2013 to constantly support innovation and original design.

She has since won several accolades in three different fields. Lekha is the poster child of wearing multiple hats and creating strong cross-disciplinary projects.

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Stella Maris College, Chennai
Degree in Fine Arts
National Institute of Design
Lifestyle Product Designing

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Lekha Washington