Le’Dimora is a complete concept store that provides one stop solution for all your needs related to decorating your home and office space in an affordable manner.

As we provide High end Interior products which are bench marked against the best quality products available anywhere in the world. We import these products from countries like Germany, France, China &Italy which are recognized for their hi-end stylish lifestyle.

We operate from two offshore locations with offices in China and Germany. Our head office is located in Surat, India in the heart of the city, which is the fourth fastest developing city in the world.

Our objective is to present and familiarize Indian architectural space with the exotic range of hi-quality lifestyle products. We pledge to offer the best quality products at the most competitive prices bundled with on-site technical support, timely installation and after sale services to transform your experience of home and office decor.

We are a top rated company praised for offering amenable range of world class interior products in India. With more than 200 dealers affiliated to Le’ Dimora throughout the country we have grown to the tune of 400 percent over the first year of operations. We have in house service & installation team of technical experts that ensures on time delivery, installation &after sale services of our products.This has helped us in ensuring satisfaction of our clients with exquisite taste in stylish living.

With its extraordinary product features, reliable quality and excellent service concept, it has been highly received by Architects and consumers in large – scale projects, home decoration & many other fields. We hope you’ll come by to meet us and personally experience our products and service oriented approach intended to provide you the utmost in service, taste and decorative furnishing.

Le’Dimora stands for”The Home”in Italian!