The Le Creuset is known as the most reliable and prominent provider of exquisite range of bakeware, cookware dinnerware and lots more. The name of the company means ‘The Crucible’ and it started operating by manufacture of cookware made up of cats iron over 85 years ago in North France in a foundry. In Freshnoy-Le-Grand, the same foundry utilizes sand moulds in order to create fashionable and trendy kitchen products of cast iron. They are minutely hand-inspected marketed by the company. This tradition and its quality are widely appreciated by people who are fond of cooking fine meals and delicacies. Wide range of products includes stainless steel cookware, hard-anodized and forged non-stick cookware, stoneware and dinnerware as well.

Our Mission
  • To inspire and empower people everywhere to Make Joy through cooking

Our Vision
  • People: Be a great place to work where people are respected, empowered, challenged to grow and inspired to make joy for others
  • Brand: Be one of the world's top 100 premium global brands - protecting and growing the value of the Le Creuset brand every year
  • Community: Be a responsible corporate citizen that makes the lives of those in our communities better
  • Exceptional Results: Deliver strong financial results to enable the achievement of our corporate objectives
  • Consumers: Make joy for our consumers every day, and empower them to make joy for others
  • Partners: Be a good partner that creates mutual, enduring value for a winning network of customers, suppliers and vendors

Our Core Values
  • Integrity: We practice the highest ethical standards in everything we do, guiding how we interact with team members, corporate partners and customers
  • Leadership: We develop and exhibit leadership across all levels of business
  • Teamwork: We believe cooperation has no limits
  • Accountability: We are responsible for what we can control, are good stewards of resources and ensure quality by learning from our mistakes
  • Passion: We are passionate about what we do and strive to honor the foundation of work of generations of Le Creuset employees before us