In the year 1988, Lasorogeeka was established with an aim to create unforgettable and best in class spaces to enhance the way of living and redefine it in a more luxurious and comfortable manner. From Los Angeles to London, they have recorded their worldwide presence and every single interior project, is infused with unique and innovative creativity. All the designs and architectural forms are performed with deep concentration and in a skillful manner. They are well known for finest artistry, zeal to do different and use of cutting edge technology.


They have redefined the art of styling a space.

The company has amazing capability to do better and innovative. This is the reason that they are set apart from others. They have established them as a worldwide recognized trusted brand when it comes to designing and styling a space. All the concepts and planning is a collaborative result of customer's specifications and team member's dedication. Their artistry truly matches the themes of the construction.


They cater end to end solutions ranging from giving innovative ideas to their effective execution.

In order to shape a space in accordance with the imaginative and fascinating ideas and thoughts, it requires a great deal of enthusiasm and spirit which is available with their team of highly certified professionals and experts. They have a fully automated unit for manufacturing process where best in class furniture, glass works, metal and stone work is performed. Besides, their amazing and true-to-date equipments for shaping and finishing wood products are capable to complement the hardware fittings.

  1. Manufacturing unit-100,000 Sq. Ft.
  2. Office space in national Capital region-55,000 Sq. Ft.
  3. Amazing showroom-20,000 Sq. Ft
  4. A team of 500 experienced craftsmen, 35 designers and on-site 500 contractors.
  5. Great and optimum in-house team members.

A World Of Success

The clientele of La Sorogeeka includes various top notch and worldwide known business houses. They have successfully completed 700 projects and 100s of them are under process. They strive to win customer's heart and get 100% customer satisfaction.