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Larsen And Toubro Campus
Larsen And Toubro Campus

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 80 Acres

Project Completed: 2005

The Project emerged out of the need to re-structure the Powai Campuses of L&T due to the planned progressive shift of their Heavy Engineering Works out of Mumbai - to be replaced by IT-related businesses.

An Urban Design Project Report was prepared for a Future Possibilities exploration focusing upon the following :
Recognizing the iconic identity of The L & T Campus as being the "Gateway" that marks the transition between the East-&-West of this region of Greater Mumbai. Creating a Sense of Place out of the transition of a Heavy-Engineering & Machinery-driven campus to one that will cater to the Service Industry with over 10,000 young people. Identifying and Articulating opportunities across the campus, its location, unique geographical terrain for enhancing it's connect externally with the city, and internally for its people.

Seeking avenues to maximize consumption of its Latent buildable FSI - within the parameters recognized above. Balancing all forms of external city - connected transportation and internal low-energy / no-energy pathways. Ensuring that even incremental development will - at any interim stage - be recognized as being finite in itself. Keeping over 70% of the Campus Green - with inherent sustainable & recycling systems, and being future-ready. This formed the basis of a blue-print for the development of over 250,000 sq M, across over a decade of growth.