These laminates comes in a wide range of design & colours.

These laminates are easy to apply with the laminating system, including most of the conventional adhesives normally used with plastic laminates such as many water based and solvent based. We do not recommend the use of heat activated adhesives.

Proper substrates must be used and careful bonding procedures must be observed. Substrates should be of good quality plywood, high density particle board, or high quality fibre board. The face of the substrate must be smooth and free of grease, wax, dust, chips and other foreign matter.

We DO NOT recommend any kind of coat like PU base, melamine, lamination (wax) on our products. These products are manufactured from natural resources. Therefore this application will spoil the originality and natural beauty of the laminate sheet.

These laminates can be cut, routed and drilled, with most standard wood working tool or equipments. All blades must be sharp. To remove any burrs that may occur in the cutting process, we recommend the use of a smooth file to feather all corner edges.

These laminates can bend in 90 degree and all radius bending should be handled in the same manner as all grades of non post forming decorative laminates.

Any cleaning agent containing acids, alkalis or abrasive should not be used to clean this laminate. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.