Interior Design is not only about the home decoration, it is an art of creating functional and creative design solutions which gives you the feel of a home. A good interior designer is well equipped with the resourcefulness of an engineer and vision of an artist. The balance of aesthetics and structural execution reflects ones style and dedication towards our clients makes us different from the generic professionals. Our ancestors paved the path for us for where we stand and we strive to become the next best organization in this vast economic sector.

Indian Heritage is incomplete without their specialization in sculpture and architecture which speaks about our rich culture. Fascinated by the urge to create innovative interiors, KUSAL INTERIORS brings to you the diversity in stone art, paintings, furniture and other artefacts which give your home the most elegant and classy touch. Each product of ours is a marvel and can be said to be a novelty and a jewel to your collection of treasures.

KUSAL INTERIORS is being promoted by KUSAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY and KUSAL JEWELLERS. Our elders has given us this platform who contributed to the architecture and design to lay the roots of the residencies, bungalows and commercial places. the generation next qualified to enhance the aesthetic value of those places itself. KUSAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY was established in 1971 in NEW DELHI and created many landmarks where as, KUSAL JEWELLERS has been established in NEW DELHI since 1989 at KAROL BAGH.

Our passion for the interiors provoked us to jump into this field with full force and support.The urge of entering into this field of GLAMOUR, CREATIVITY AND AESTHETICS professionally convinced us to launch KUSAL INTERIORS. Looking forward to add more new ventures in the upcoming time with your support and patronage.