Enjoy extreme comfort and relax with the sleep comfort products of Kurl On. They are a growing and well known brand of sleeping comfort. With their establishment in the year 1962 by Shri Tonse Ramesh Upendra Pai, they are successively growing at a rapid speed and presently planning to expand their business boundaries by also including home comfort products apart from the sleep products in their comfort products list. Kurl On Limited is a well known company of Manipal Group which was earlier known by the name of Karnataka Consumer Products Limited and in the year 1995, it was renamed to Kurl On Limited.

With an ambition to expand their business in the right direction, they were dedicated towards becoming a brand of comfort industry apart from becoming the leading business of mattresses. They are continuously creating more rooms and space for their expansion and further growth. It is counted one among the 2000 crore companies of the Manipal Group. The Manipal Group is also itself a huge industrial as well as financial group of India which looks after the activities of manufacturing, financial services, e commerce, and many more.

The basic history behind the foundation of Kurl On is that it came into existence when Mr. Pai was on Germany tour. In that tour, the cushions of his car seat were found to be manufactured of rubberized coir which was improved by the manufacturer from Sri Lanka. This gave Mr. Pai a striking idea to manufacture rubberized coir in India and so it came into existence. Though entering in such business is not an easy task, it has been started after undergoing so many experiments as well as quality control procedures. Thus with the help of Austrian technology, they have been able to produce world class mattresses and

sleep comfort products for the convenience and comfort of the common man.
With the huge years of experience, they have created a strong base for their growth. Their exceptional marketing strategies have also helped them in expanding. At present, they own a total of 44 sales offices which are wisely spread all across the country from where the maximum profit is drawn. In fact, they are also involved in the export of their products to countries of west Asia including Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, UK and various south east countries.

Kurlon's biggest challenge has been to educate the market, to show its value in moving up to the branded category and to accept the benefits Kurlon offers. If its sales are an indicator then in this endeavour Kurlon has been immensely successful.

The brand has earned the Coir Board of India's top honours for outstanding Performance in Export of Rubberised Coir Products and Development of the Domestic Market for Rubberised Coir for the year 2003. The company has won several other awards in the year 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005.