Kumar Precision Stampings Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1979 and with its relentless up gradation of technology & infrastructure, has become an iconic brand for quality Electrical Stampings.

The company specializes in manufacturing of Electrical Stampings & Aluminum Die Casted Rotors for various motors used across various Home & Industrial Equipments. The Electrical Stampings manufactured comprise of Auto-Stitched & Auto-skewed lamination cores of varied specifications & designs.

In order to meet the demands of clients, the company has invested huge capital in developing state-of-the-art manufacturing plants with world class Lamination Punching, Die Casting and Decarburization/ Annealing/Blueing facilities.

To keep pace with the advancements in technology and meet the ever-changing client’s requirements, we upgrade ourselves in terms of Infrastructure and Technology from time to time.

A group of professional engineers, designers, technicians and allied workers come together to form a team at Kumar Precision Stampings with a sole view to provide world-class Electrical Stampings with Total Customer Satisfaction.


To produce ultra-precise, highest quality Electrical Stampings and contribute to efficient motor running.


We will manufacture and market goods which meet & exceed customer's expectations, deliver the same on time and every time. Our belief is that our success can be measured only by the continuing success of our customers. We are committed to maintain our effective Quality Management System through the active involvement of all the employees.


We have an in-house testing wing that is equipped with high-tech testing equipments operated by experts.

The main objective is to provide material as per the client's specifications.

  • All the raw-materials come with a test certificate, specifying the chemical & physical composition of the material that is duly signed by the supplier. Also, the raw materials are strictly tested at each stage of the production process on various parameters. This ensures that all the values lie within the prescribed tolerance range.
  • Our state of art Quality Room is equipped with all necessary equipments like, Vickers Hardness Testing Machine, Core Loss Tester, Metallurgical Microscope for Grain Size Testing, Rotor Blow Hole Tester, Bursting Strength Testing for Corrugated Boxes etc.
  • Specially designed corrugated boxes are used for the packaging of materials in order to avoid any pilferage or material damage in transit.
  • Equally important, a team of fully trained, experienced quality control experts keep a vigilant eye on every operation.
  • In this manner, quality is checked thoroughly at every stage of production, ultimately resulting in customer satisfaction at all times.
The company uses Semi Processed Electrical Steel with low carbon content close to. 06-.07%, procured only from renowned primary & secondary steel producers in order to provide best quality to our esteemed clients. For the die casting of rotors, company procures only high quality EC grade Aluminum with minimum 99.6% Al purity.

Manufacturing Facilities

In order to meet the demands of clients, the company has invested large capital in developing state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Haryana, India, which are in close proximity to few of the top steel producers, which is strategically advantageous.


  • Fully automatic Plant with facilities for Auto-stitched / Auto-skewed Lamination Manufacturing, Rotor Die Casting and Decarburizing / Annealing / Bluing
  • Currently Operational
  • Annual Production Capacity- 25000MT
  • Area- 4000 sq yards
  • Plant already commissioned and operations started
  • Area- 5700 sq yards
To keep pace with the advancements in technology and meet the ever-changing client's requirements, we upgrade ourselves in terms of infrastructure and technology from time to time. With 100% power back-up facility, company's plants have the capacity to run for 24 hrs, Non Stop!!
Electrical Stampings Punching

We efficiently cater to lamination requirements of its clients with the help of a number of high speed presses varying from 100 ton to 300 ton with speeds up to 400 SPM for lamination punching. Our fully automatic stamping lines are imported from one the biggest and most professional mechanical press machine manufacturers in China and are equipped with auto-skewing & auto stacking controllers , high tech de-coilers, S-type material straightener & geared feeders for running ultra-precise progressive tools.

The company has a variety of ultra-precise carbide progressive lamination stamping tools for various motor cores, capable of manufacturing auto-stitched & auto-skewed cores and operating at high speeds.

To guarantee tools with highest precision, long life and great stability, we have ties ups with the biggest & most professional progressive tool manufacturers in China who have the best of the equipments & infrastructure to produce the most precise tools as per our customers requirements.

Decarburization Annealing Bluing

We have a state-of-art Hi Perming Facility for the decarburization of Stators in order to develop a uniform grain structure in order to reduce the Watt Loss of the material so that the efficiency of motors could be enhanced significantly.

Historically, fully-processed steel was the material of choice for transformers and motors. The company has developed alternatives. Since magnetic performance is vital, the company has invested in the most advanced annealing facilities in the world. Precise, computer-controlled furnaces ensure proper grain structure growth for lower core loss and improved permeability. The process also increases inter-laminar resistance by adding an oxide coating and relieves stamping stresses

The Stators are heat treated in a specific atmosphere having a composition such that the carbon level is lowered to a few thousandths of a percent in order to minimize hysteresis losses. Another advantage is the production of a thin, adherent coating of iron oxide on the lamination, having a low electrical conductance. This effectively insulates the laminations from one another and prevents the flow of eddy currents which would result in large electrical losses. The process results in the reduction of carbon percentage & core loss, improves grain size structure and induces desired coating thickness on stampings as a result of decarburizing & bluing of metal.

The stampings manufactured at the end confirms a core loss of 5.5 to 6 watts per kg at 1.5 Tesla at 50 cycles/sec.

Our sophisticated annealing facility adds up to tangible advantages for our customers. At Kumar Precision Stampings, you may effectively substitute more favorably priced, semi-processed electrical steel for expensive, fully processed electrical steels due to our advanced annealing capability. From these significant cost savings to quality improvements, our annealing process provides the ultimate benefits to our customers.

Aluminum Die Casting

We have an extensive in house die casting facility with numerous die casting machines (80T to 200T), both horizontal & vertical, capable of casting rotors of varied sizes. These high-tech machines have short shot cycle and have high quality imported multi-quality tools running on them for increased production.

These precise machines are well complemented by our high-tech furnaces which are very closely monitored to ensure high quality molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity and tight control of porosity.

The breakthrough of technology and product performance results from not only the teamwork of all Kumar Precision Stampings people, but also through reasonable & valuable suggestions from our customers. We are privileged to have maintained long term business associations with our esteemed clients meeting their specific requirements.

Following are some of the reputed clients that have become the strength of the firm: