For all types of electrical accessories, the most significant manufacturer is Kolors. They are a leader in this industry since 40 years. They have manufactured a huge variety of electrical wires and accessories keeping the safety on priority. They started their business on a small scale in Mumbai and with the passage of time they have grown as a leading company in this industry. They provide electrical installation for all kinds of purpose including factories, offices, airports, hotels, and homes. Their wide range of products include sockets, switches, distribution boxes, MCBs, lamp holders, plug tops, wires, spike guards and many more.

Their ethical working, standard as well as their quality of the products are responsible for their high ranking in this particular industry. They have become the most preferred choice of numerous individuals. They provide instant, effective and flexible response to huge orders with the help of their more than 50 advanced technology machines. All types of electrical solutions can be availed with their high quality, functional and aesthetic range of products.

Apart from all this, they also possess their own laboratory to test the prototypes which after getting approval are manufactured. Their exceptionally talented and skilled professionals are completely dedicated to bring out the best products for the usage of the people.

Their Mission

Making life better in this green age of environment consciousness with carbon-footprint-reducing, state-of-the-art quality products at competitive prices bundled with unbeatable service.
Their Green Focus

Their Green Focus

Being an environment oriented company; Kolors have spearheaded in this industry. They understand the importance of quality, people, environment and the process in a better way. They have grown their business by keeping the environmental challenges in their mind and taking proper care of it. All their products which are manufactured are of high quality along with reduced amount of footprints of Carbon in order to ensure healthier environment for everyone.

Their Standards

Their Standards

With an experience of over 40 years in this industry, they have established so many standards with their quality products. They have continuously maintained consistent quality, functioning as well as finishing of their products due to which they are certified with ISO 9001:2008, CE, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO 14001:2004 certifications.

Our Certified Quality sets us a class apart

Various tests specified by certifying agencies are carried out in the laboratory like insulation test, resistance test, high voltage test, impact test, flash test, temperature raise test, rust formation test, making breaking test, terminal contact test, endurance test to simulate the end use of the products. The quality department then checks the final product according to the tolerances specified. Kolors has a specially trained marketing team with the purpose of understanding the exact requirements of the customers and facilitating the delivery of the appropriate solution. It also provides strong back-up support throughout India with the help of regional sales hubs & depots.