Acquire excellence in terms of taste and lifestyle with the architectural hardware of Kolf International. In the year 1999, the very foundation stone of this ultimate brand Kolf Safex was laid. They have always maintained a significant reputation in the market of architectural hardware due to which various competitors of this company envy them. The major unique selling point of their products is their excellence in hardware and luxury in the living. They cater the distinctive tastes of people with their wide array of products available with them.

Some of the distinctive varieties of products available with them include shower hinges, patch fittings, sliding fittings of glass, spider fittings, partition fittings for bathrooms, panic exit device, frameless folding systems, mortise handles, balustrades, electronic safes and door handles of glass. They have established numerous milestones in the past years which are still reflective in the present. All their products are true representative of excellence and high level of standards.

Both Kolf and Safex in combination stand at the forefront in terms superior quality architectural hardware. They have occupied a definitive position in the market with their trend setting products. They always make a deliberate attempt to provide world class, outstanding and highly efficient services of customer support to ensure steady growth of the brand.

They possess huge numbers of effective projects in their future credit with the help of which they can continue delivering finest quality services and highly efficient products for the users.