Three young and dynamic architects: Kanhai Gandhi, Neemesh Shah and Shresht Kashyap set up a firm called K.S. Associates in 1997. The three founders, who graduated together from ACADEMY OF ARCHITECTURE, shared a common passion for design and an ambition to set great benchmarks in the field of Architecture and Interior Design.

Taking a step further towards growth, the firm evolved into a company called 'KNS ARCHITECTS PVT. LTD.' With an impressive array of offices, factories, residences, travel agencies, boutiques, Gymnasiums, retail outlets, exhibition spaces and jewellery showrooms under their belt, KS Associates is still on the lookout for something bigger, better - and different It has been our constant endeavour to bring about a refreshing zing and sophistication in our projects.
Refusing to bow down to monotony and mediocrity, we strive to create designs that will surprise you with its twists and aesthetic prowess. Having designed for an assorted clientele across the country and an international project, we strongly believe in the benefits of diversity. So if you ask us about our signature style, you would be surprised to know that we practice none.
We do not specialize in a specific type of a project or style, but rather in a way of thinking. For us, design is an attempt to answer those innate questions addressed by the context. For us each of our client determines a pre-requisite style - a signature style that is their own, for we strongly believe in working with our clients than working for them. The input from our client forms the very basic of our design process. No matter what the size of our project, development of strong client relationships is vital to the success of each project.
The large volume of client work that has come back to us is proof of the level of service we provide. Extensive travelling to various corners of the world, be helps us stay connected with various trends of the design industry. It helps us bring a world-view in our approach to design. With an in-house R&D team dedicated solely to sourcing of new materials and technologies, it helps us push the boundaries of design further behind. Collaborations with US and UK based firms on various brand building workshops for our projects has helped us achieve a definite edge in our work Not only has it helped us evolve but has also helped us achieve results that meet international standards.
Besides working within budget constraints to arrive at unique design solutions, we also focus on completing the projects on time. We strongly believe that time is god; speed is devil. So while innovation is a constant process at KNS Architects, so is setting new benchmarks with each new project. KNS Architects is among the foremost Architecture and Interior Design companies in the country with several awards and accomplishments such as IIID Award, !US Award for Outstanding Exhibition Stall, VM & RD Award for Retail Design, Award from Indian Navy...etc to name a few 
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305 – Dev Plaza, 3rd floor, S.V.Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400058

Phone:+91-22 67765000/+91-22 67765030

Owner: Ar. Kanhai Gandhi