Founded in 1938, they have used modern and innovative designs to connect with more and more people with their wide range of offerings. They have always explored the power of modern designs to create imperative work. They understand the need and requirement of its customers then accordingly with its design philosophy and artistic inventions cater need and demand.

They offer a wide range of products from contemporary traditional design to modular furniture offering quality products. Producing innovative and artistic designs they satisfy and cater needs of its clients in various sectors like healthcare, educational institutions and government organisations.

All its products are environment friendly. They transform and make rules and policies keeping in mind the environment consequences. So to overcome environmental hazards and protect biosphere all its products are eco-friendly. The recycle products are used if found reusable. They mainly focus on environmental sustainable programs focusing on products and manufacturing processes. With presence in North America, Europe and many other international countries they are now a global brand offering quality products that are ISO-14001 certified protecting the environment.