The foremost company of India which manufactures block board and plywood is Kitply Industries limited. They started their operation of business in the year 1982 and from then, they are constantly setting different trends and benchmarks for others in the industry of block board and plywood. At present, they have expanded their business of operation across the whole country. They possess overall 5 factories across India where the products are being manufactured and apart from it there are total 30 offices of sales across the country with the help of which they have been able to reach out the needs of every individual across the country.

They maintain very high ethical business standards by strictly committing towards producing environment friendly products. They share their years of expertise in providing high quality products and customer centred services and there by contributing a large proportion in the building of the nation and community welfare. They are recognised as a brand name in the field of plywood and boards. Their varied product ranges of plywood are the first preference for any kind of household work, or building work or for any construction purpose.