Kirby offers one of the most comprehensive Pre-engineered steel buildings-PEB product portfolios globally, with applications in major market segments including heavy industry, infrastructure, high-rise buildings, warehouses, factories, oil and gas and leisure structures.

The company maintains a strong reputation for delivering customer- designed and cost- effective solutions for steel buildings that are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and a committment to providinge top class service to its customers. Our commitment to excellence provides unmatched product quality, coupled with speed, safety and superior sales services.

We at Kirby offer a worry-free solution to our clients. We go that extra-mile through our systems, process and our internal orientation to ensure that commissioning a Kirby project is a seamless and effortless experience for our clients.

Kirby Building Systems is one of the largest pre-engineered steel building (PEB) companies in the world and is a 100% subsidiary of Kuwait- based multinational and multi-billion dollar business conglomerate - Alghanim Industries, one of the largest privately-owned companies in the Middle East.

Kirby pioneered the PEB technology first in Middle East in 1976 and later in India in 1999. Its product list consists of pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) applicable for factories, warehouses, metro rails, supermarkets, aircraft hangars, sports stadiums, auditoriums, etc. Other products include structural steel, sandwich panels, storage solutions, Kirby Roof (KR), Kirby Wall (KW), Kirby Deep Decking Panel and Kirby Standing Seam Panel (KSS-600).

Kirby has a total of five manufacturing facilities located in Kuwait, Ras-Al-Khaimah (UAE), Vietnam and India, with a total capacity of about 400,000 MT per annum supported by over 4,000 employees. The company operates 70 sales offices located across six geographical regions, namely the Gulf Cooperation Council, the rest of the Middle East, the Indian Sub-Continent, Africa, Eastern Europe and South East Asia. Kirby has more than 300 certified builders globally for providing erection of steel buildings along with other trades up to turnkey projects. Kirby has manufactured more than 65,000 buildings across the world.

Milestones & Achievements

Kirby is known for its cutting-edge, world class practices, quality standards, and its centere of excellence. All of which have been recognized and awarded by our clients as well as by many agencies and communities around the world.

1976 - Inauguration of Hyderabad Plant. Annual production capacity 100,000 MT.
2000 - Inauguration of Hyderabad Plant. Annual production capacity 100,000 MT.
2006 - Inauguration of Kirby Haridwar Plant. Annual production capacity 100,000 MT.
2007 - Inauguration of Ras Al Khaimah Plant – UAE. Annual production capacity 75,000 MT.
2009 - Inauguration of Kirby Vietnam Plant. Kirby India Completes 10 Years
2011 - Kirby Building Systems India wins Infrastructure Excellence Awards for Best PEB Project. Kirby’s Kuwait Manufacturing facility wins the Sliver Award for HSE excellence by American Society of Safety Engineers
2013 - Kirby Building Systems India wins Dun & Bradstreet Infra Awards for Best PEB Project
2020 - To establish new global benchmarks in the design and manufacture of steel building solutions, both in PEB and Structural Steel, while consistently providing our customers with exceptional customer service


Vision, Mission & Values

To be recognized as the global leader for the design, manufacture, supply and erection of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and Structures.


Kirby will achieve this vision by consistently delivering high-quality products to our customers, accompanied by personalized service and a commitment to excellence.

Message From The Chief Operating Officer

Partners in Our Customers Success

At Kirby Building Systems, we understand the complex challenges that our customers face as they conceptualize, plan and execute their building projects. We also know how important it is to get it right the first time. As a leader in the industry, our experienced and dedicated team provides clients with innovative and proactive engineering solutions, adding value from start to finish.

We work with clients globally and have an extensive presence in the Middle East, Far East, South East Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and Europe. With an annual capacity of over 400,000 MT and nearly 40 years of experience in PEB design and manufacturing, Kirby has a proven track record of managing projects of any size or scope.

We see ourselves as partners in our customers success, with a distinct and important role to play. Whether we are customizing engineering designs, creating precision drawings, providing efficient project planning, manufacturing quality systems, or using SAP to track inventories and meet deadlines, our goal is always the same: to exceed our customers expectations, every time.

At Kirby, we provide more than just steel structures; we deliver complete building solutions.

  • Samir Kasem
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Alghanim Industries

2020 Milestone / Goal

To establish new global benchmarks in the design and manufacture of steel building solutions, both in PEB and Structural Steel, while consistently providing our customers with exceptional customer service.


Straight-Talking We encourage open debate where the best ideas win.

Customer Centric We put our customers at the center of our focus and initiatives with the objective of providing them with unmatchable levels of services and products.

Teamwork We actively share information and ideas, enthusiastically working to make those around us better.

Diversity And Respect The diversity of our workforce is an asset and we treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of status, gender, education, ethnicity or religion.

Empowerment We empower people to make decisions with a bias for action.

Employees As Core Assets We believe that our employees are our most valuable resource, and do whatever it takes for their continuous training, development and motivation.

Meritocracy The rewards and career advancements of our people are based on their performance and capabilities, not on their wasta (influence).

Kirby Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy goes hand in hand with our values. We work hard to ensure that every employee of the organization understands our customers business &and product expectations from the product, &and works to enhance the customer experience. At Kirby, we believe in creating a great product with a competitive price. More importantly, we strive to be friendly and open to customers so that they love doing business with us. Kirby senior management directly gets involved in key projects to ensure trust and build long-lasting relationships.

Guided by the principle of Customer Centricity, Kirby Building Systems has not only maintained high quality products and services but also demonstrated innovation in customer service. By continuing to follow our core values, we are on course to realize our vision to be the most successful and admired pre-engineered steel building company in the world.

Environment Health & Safety

Kirby Building Systems is committed to utilizing continually improving its practices to achieve Zero Harm performance. We demonstrate this commitment to excellence by operating our facilities in a world-class manner, in order to avoid or mitigate adverse health, safety and environmental impacts. Kirby has established - measurable performance targets and reports progress on a regular basis. All levels of the Kirby management and its employees ensure that our commitment to health, safety and the environment are rigorously maintained.

The goal of Kirby's environment, health and safety (EHS) policy and management system aims is to:

  • Develop, implement and manage policies and work activities at all our Kirby facilities.
  • Protect employees, contractors, visitors, property and the environment.
  • Comply with applicable EHS regulatory requirements at each location.
  • Audit EHS activities at regular intervals at each facility to monitor its effective implementation and take corrective actions, wherever required.
  • Create a proactive EHS culture through awareness, education and motivation, to achieve continual improvement in EHS performance.

Quality Policy

Kirby Building Systems Quality Management System complies with all applicable requirements contained in ISO 9001:2008, and covers the design, fabrication and supply of pre-engineered steel buildings and structural steel works for various projects, encompassing all operations at its facilities. The quality policy shown below describes Kirby Building Systems overall commitment to excellence with regards to quality. This quality policy is reviewed regularly by management for continued suitability.
  • Kirby Building Systems aims to become the market leader in its business operation by providing high- quality pre-engineered steel building systems and structural steel products that meet or exceed customers requirements and expectations, in line with the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 standards.
  • Kirby Building systems remains focused on understanding customers needs and expectations and transmitting those needs into continuously improved products and services with active participation of its employees.
  • Kirby Building Systems Management is responsible for ensuring the Quality Policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company. This is accomplished through one to one and/or group training of employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kirby believes in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and places great importance on supporting local charitable, educational and cultural causes. Through the years, it has made many meaningful contributions to the communities in which it operates.

Kirby recognizes that education is one of the building blocks of any nation and supports all education initiatives. The company has worked closely with, and volunteer with organizations that promote education, such as INZAJ -Kuwait, a not-for-profit group that empowers young people to own their economic success.

In addition, Kirby organizes annual blood donation campaigns across all of its manufacturing facilities, as a way to give back to the community.

Some of the company's other CSR activities include:

  • Implementing environmental conservation initiatives at the plants, as per the guidelines of the local Pollution Control Board
  • Establishing a sewage water treatment plant (STP) for recycling of used sewage water
  • Conducting regular checks on noise / air / water pollution, ventilation and illumination at plants
  • Converting open lands near Kirby plants into green lands and also maintaining green landscapes at plants.
  • Offering regular health check-ups for Kirby employees
  • Hosting of annual Family Days

Centre Of Engineering Excellence

Kirby successfully centralizes its systems, performance, people and products in a way that promotes synergies, with our end goal being customer delight. As part of our Centre of Engineering Excellence (CEE), in Hyderabad, India, Kirby has a well-qualified and experienced design and engineering team comprised of over 500 employees, using the latest software for designs and structural detailing.

The four key pillars of our Centre are: Systems Excellence, Performance Excellence, Product Excellence and People Excellence. Our services vary in range from ensuring the best demonstrated practices to research and development (which is an important tool for incremental innovation), and from the design and development of engineering systems software to talent development.

Installation And Technical Advisory Services

In addition to the supply of steel building structures, Kirby offers erection services through its authorized builders.

There are over 300 Kirby certified builders worldwide. They have undergone intensive training on erecting buildings of varying complexity and for different applications. Kirby certified builders are highly competent and offer skilled expertise to clients. The local Kirby certified builder offers comprehensive services from construction to complete turnkey solutions.

Kirby provides extensive technical advisory services to its clients - from selection of appropriate structures and economic design to adaptation of local building codes. To ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction, Kirby's Technical Service representatives monitor and supervise the entire project until completion.

Advantages Of Kirby Products

Steel exhibits desirable physical properties that make it one of the most versatile structural materials. Some of its properties such as strength, uniformity, light weight, ease of use, etc., make it an ideal choice for construction of bridges, high rises, heavy industrial and power plants, oil & gas, and other structures.

The following advantages may be credited to steel as a structural design material:

  • Optimal & Aesthetic Designs Steel has a high strength/weight ratio. Thus, the dead weight of steel structures is relatively small. Steel can aid in innovative designs compared to concrete.
  • Enhanced Speed Of Construction Steel is highly suitable for prefabrication and mass production Steel structures can be erected quite rapidly, resulting in quicker economic payoff.
  • Earthquake Resistant Properly designed steel structures can have high ductility, which is an important characteristic for resisting shock loading, such as blasts or earthquakes.
  • Durability & Flexibility In Expansion In contrast to reinforced concrete, steel properties do not change considerably with time. Steel buildings can be easily expanded by adding new bays or wings.
  • Quality Of Construction & Ease In Maintenance Steel structures can be built with high-quality workmanship and narrow tolerances. Steel structures in general can be repaired quickly and easily.
  • Salvage Value Through Repetitive Use Steel can be reused after a structure is dismantled.
  • Site Constraints Steel is easily transportable and thus can be fabricated in a workshop, which reduces the construction time at site.

Other Product & Services

Kirby's structural steel products are custom-designed and workshop fabricated, hot rolled and welded steel structures for applications such as heavy industries, power plants, oil & gas, petrochemical industry, high-rise/commercial buildings, airports and other specialized structures. We are one of the most innovative steel structure fabricators and are always looking to enhance our range of products and services, including project execution.

Structural steel has traditionally been fabricated on-site, mainly due to lack of infrastructure for transporting heavy sections from an off-site workshop to a project site. Moreover, there is often insufficient space at a site to set up a fabrication workshop and skilled labor is available at a premium. These issues can always be mitigated by workshop-made steel structures which are proving to be more efficient in terms of quality and timelines. This helps to reduce the time and cost of execution, and is expected to fuel the demand for steel structures in future. The speed of execution is a critical factor for any large industrial or infrastructure project and is a driver for a shift towards the factory- made fabrication. The projects that took longer periods to complete a few years ago are now being executed in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a considerable amount of cost savings. Faster construction will propel the industry towards factory-made steel structures, owners and consultants will realize the advantages in terms of uniformity of finish and better quality, as asteel producers align their rolling sections as per the design needs.

Storage Solutions

The Kirby product range includes state-of-the-art storage solutions with a modern modular European design, for a wide range of products. Our storage solutions provide effective storage through maximum storage capacity with optimal floor utilization. Kirby has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Pashamylaram, Hyderabad, with 6,000 MT per annum capacity, with an automatic welding facility to ensure narrow tolerances. Kirby is the perfect partner for your special storage solutions. Kirby is the right choice for the responsible and busy supply chain manager who believes in safety, reliability, cost effectiveness solution and optimum space utilization.

Kirby Storage Solutions Services

  • Design of racking systems
  • Supply of various racking systems with powder coating finish
  • Installation and commissioning supervision
  • Consultancy of storage solutions (material handling equipment, pallet etc.) for increased throughput

Kirby Storage Solutions Engineering & Manufacturing Standards

Kirby storage solutions uses prime quality high tensile steel from reputed steel mills as raw material which ensures guaranteed strength and rigidity of the system. The minimum yield strength of these plates is 345 Mpa. Every batch of material used is tested in our in-house quality testing lab. Products are manufactured within narrow tolerances and with automatic welding to ensure constant high quality. The surface finish can be powder coating, painting or galvanizing, as per requirements.

A safe structure is the most important aspect of any storage system. A failure during pallet handling is a real possibility in a manually-operated warehouse. At Kirby, safety is the hallmark of every stage of project execution. Kirby designs and products are based on European FEM norms which provide maximum stability to the structure, minimizing the chances of collapse. Load-bearing capacity is further ensured by Kirby's in-house functionality and load -testing facility.

Kirby Storage Solutions Advantage

As one of the premier manufacturers of storage systems, Kirby strives to provide unparalleled expertise and personalized service to our clients while providing the most competitive pricing. We specialize in Warehousing, Distribution, Archive & Records Storage, Grocery & Beverage Distribution, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

Cold Roll Formed Building

Cold-formed steel structural members are shapes commonly manufactured from steel plate, sheet or strip material. The manufacturing process involves forming the material by either press-braking or cold roll-forming to achieve the desired shape. No heat is required to form the shapes (unlike hot-rolled steel), and thus the name cold- formed steel. Cold- formed steel members and other products are thinner, lighter, and easier to produce, and typically cost less than their hot-rolled steel members.

Cold-formed steel offers versatility in building because of its light weight and ease of handling and use. Cold-formed steel structures framing provides builders and consumers flexibility in design options which cannot be economically accommodated using traditional framing materials (i.e., larger open space, longer spans, and doorways).


  • Health care center
  • Site offices
  • Relief camps
  • Community centers
  • Mass housing
  • Labour camps
  • Schools

Special Features

  • Spans up to 15 m.
  • Insulation for roof and wall
  • Clear height up to 3.0 m
  • Partition walls
  • Variety of sheeting : Galvanized, Galvalume
  • Custom-designed
  • Special accessories like doors, windows, ventilators, etc.
  • Covered ceilings roof liners
  • Wall options sheeted, Block works
  • Defence shelters


Consistent Quality Steel does not contain knots, twists, or warps that are commonly found in lumber. It is always dimensionally correct and manufactured to very strict tolerances.

Light Weight Steel members weigh as much as 40% less than conventional lumber, reducing total building and seismic loads.


In addition to the main building components, Kirby provides a wide range of building accessories.


Sliding Doors Sliding doors are used in hangars, warehouses, etc., where a larger opening into the building is required. They are not hinged but rather rollers are provided on top of the doors and this roller is placed on brackets allowing a sliding movement. These are either single leaf or double leaf.

Aluminum Windows These windows are placed on the walls of a building and are double slide. They are moved by a sliding action controlled by guide ways and the jab fins. Multiple windows can be formed by joining the jamb fins together. Standard size of an aluminum window is 1 m x 1m. It is also provided with a half insect screen.

Insulation These are panels made from high pressure injected polyurethane foam and are meant for insulating a building. They are CFC-free, self-extinguishing, can withstand intense heat, contain extreme low temperatures and offer very low rates of water absorption and vapor transmission. The panels also provide excellent adhesion to the panel's sheeting.

Louvers A louver is a frame containing adjustable overlapping blades which allow air flow and also block sunlight entry. The standard size available is 1m x 1m, which also incorporates insect screen, hand crank and blade adjustment lever.

Fasteners Fasteners are of self-drilling screws No. 14, made of steel wire and EPDM bonded washers. The fasteners are either plain carbon or stainless steel type.

Power Ventilators Kirby C whirlwind low silhouette extract ventilator with spun aluminum non-return shutter and one piece base and throat. Provides ventilation when there is no wind and is placed on top of the roof panels.

Skylights & Wall Lights Made of translucent GRP to match Kirby rib and wall panels, with an estimated light transmitting capacity of 60 %.

Ridge Ventilators This is a gravity-type ventilator which is provided with a bird screen and mechanical controlled damper. Allows natural ventilation of the building. Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks These are enclosures for pipes or stacks projecting from the roof. They allow for safe working on the roof.

Roof Curbs These are enclosures for ducts or other roof projections made up of reinforced plastic fitting Kirby rib roof panels.

Sand Trap Louvers This louver consists of different form of flashings arrangement in a predetermined manner in order to create a sand trap. The dual advantages of the sand trap louver is not only to help with natural ventilation but also to act as a sand trap.