KINGSTON….A Humble But Determined Beginning

Kingston was founded by Mr. P.C. Abrol in the year 1955-1956 and he began to manufacture cistem fittings in order to provide them to top notch producers of sanitary ware in India. Being the only which was certified with BIS certification, in the long run, it became the only vendor of those manufacturers as well. Since the past six decades, the company has diversified the varied range of best in class bathroom fittings revolutionizing the market of bath fittings.

At present, Mr. S.C Abrol guide the company having an active and positive approach to the business and a passionate technocrat, Mr. Rakesh Goswami deals in the innovation and development of quality ensured products.

The Production Process

SourcingBrass is sourced from the most reputed vendors.
CastingVirgin brass and scrap is casted in various moulds as per the pattern using the Gravity Die casting process.
Machining Cast products are machined as per the design requirements to create threads.
Grinding The machined product is thus grinded using belt grinders to achieve smooth finishes.
PolishingThe grinded pieces are polished on high speed polishing machines to achieve perfect surface with high sheen.
TestingThe water carrying components are pressure tested using Hydraulic Testing Machines at a pressure of 50 to 100 PSI to detect any leakage in the casting.
FinishingThe tested pieces then undergo the process of finishing. The range of finishes include - Chrome, Gold, Epoxy Powder Coating, Electro Furetic Coating etc.
AssemblyThe coated pieces are assembled as per the requirements. The assembled pieces are once again checked and tested with hydraulic pressure. The packed goods are then subject to the random checking by the management.

R & D And Why It Gives Kingston A Cutting Edge

Research and development department of a company plays a vital role in maintaining and improving its position simultaneously along with a strong position in the hearts of its esteemed customers. Therefore, R & D department of Kingston spends time in making efforts for new developments and innovations to improve and uplift the quality of products in terms of functionality and looks. With the introduction of every new range, the creativity and improvement is clearly reflected. This is what that makes the Kingston set apart from others. It is just because of constant efforts of R&D department.