Ketan Jawdekar

Ketan JawdekarAn advocate of the belief that architecture created is comparable to an emergent poetry arising from the fine application of patterns, generative principals and refraction, Ketan Jawdekar is a born artist who is an architect by profession. With over 18 years of experience in the field of architecture and interior design, his tangential thinking and the abstract approach towards design have won many accolades and have delivered some of the world- class projects.

Having stood second in Shivaji University, Ketan achieved distinction in his Bachelor's Degree in Architecture. After graduating he worked with Ar. Sanjay Prasade and later joined Ar. Mickey Chana to gain on site experience along with critical detailing in design.

Work Experience

Principal Architect

Education Details

Shivaji University
B.Arch | 1988 - 1993

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Ketan Jawdekar