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Kerala Housing
Kerala Housing
Kerala Housing

Location: Kerala, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Envisaged as a scheme to alleviate poverty in the southern Indian state of Kerala, the program sought to develop a replicable co-operative based rural settlement module for 200 families (1000 persons) on government land. The beneficiaries of this scheme are to be the poorest families, often ' scheduled castes or tribes', for whom poverty has been a persistent and dehumanizing condition for several generations.

In the absence of a site the scheme addressed architectonic aspects of settlement design by embracing key cultural as well as climatic elements of the vernacular form. The programmatic emphasis went beyond provisions of a house and basic utilities by elaborating concerns about community life and livelihoods. It proposed vocational training, access to micro-credit, establishment of saving circles and horticultural and agricultural input along with the provision for 'homestead tourism' in projects located in scenic areas.

The overall aim was to develop broad programmatic goal and basic design principles for the settlement module.