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Kent Stud Welding Co. Ltd. is the leading supplier of shear weld-studs and welding torches (Single torch and Twin torch) in China.

Hundreds of Steel Structures Projects, including projects such as EXPO CHINA, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Guangzhou TV Tower, Wuhan Train Station, Shanghai Train Station, Yueqing Government Building have all trusted in the use of Kent Products.

Kent Stud Welding Co. sell More than 500 sets of Welding Machines in China and over a 100 sets globally each year, making them the biggest weld-stud supplier in China, winning the market not only for the best prices but also for its light weight, splendid design and sharp technology.

We carry out strict quality control,from high rates inspection of raw material &incoming products to ensure the step quality.

The test for every procedure of producing thoroughly, we inspect occasionally during the producing process.

As we are dedicated to provide the quality products to our customers. By doing these, we had constantly assured our products 100% Satisfaction and get our customer approval for our service and quality.

We are capable to test these in our test assurance lab:

  • Tensile/proof load testing
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Micro HV hardness tester
  • Optical projector
  • Digital callipers / micro meters for dimensional gauging
  • Internal and external thread pitch gauging
  • Different drive penetration
  • Angle gauging
  • Electronic digital height gauge


Here are some of the estabilised sectors where the use of weld studs is extremely popular, and in many cases it is the only choice.

Structural Engineering / Steel Construction

In this sector, weld studs are mainly used to shear weight in metal decking, where metal and concrete are used in harmony. Some important advantages for using weld studs here are :-

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Pin point application
  • Single man operation
  • Cost effective
  • Relaiable under static and dynamic stress

Steel Building
Green Solutions
Structural Engineering - 10 story building
Equipment steel
structure system
Steel Connection Structures
& Reinforced Concrete

Power Plants

Power plants are structures which are subject to high energy and the construction of these plants need to be planned with safety in mind. Weld Studs used here are highly versatile and are a very important choice to make.

Electricity Generating
Nuclear Power Plant

Electricity Generating
Power Plant
Electricity Generating
Nuclear Power Plant
Power Plant - fuel
power station

Vehicle Construction / Railways

In this sector, many different weld studs are used for all sorts of fastening and anchoring solutions, as there are many parts and components involved in making vehicles. Weld Studs used here are of high quality and are very tough. Safety and Long life are an important note to make in this sector, and studs provide you with both.

Manufacturing standard
LCV to High end Vehicles
Railway Bridges construction Highway River
Bridge Construction
Train Coaches building
& construction

Mechanical Engineering

Many Industrial Machines as well as Domestic Machines use a variety of Weld Studs for anchoring or fastening purposes. The use of weld studs here ensures high durability of the machine and enhances the performance quality as well.

Mechanical Engineering
Steel engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Products & Industries
Mechanical Engineering
& Steel Construction
Steel welding & plant
construction Industries

Ship Building

This is a sector which desperately requires many different varieties of weld studs, right from shearing weight in Metal Decking as well as all types of fastening and anchoring operations. Weld Studs used here are very rough and rugged and can stand the test of time.

Ship Building & Construction Engineering Marine & Ship
building Industries

Ship Yards & Boat

Ship Building & Construction Projects

Refractory Construction

This is another sector which needs very specialised types of weld studs. In Furnaces and Boilers, the weld studs used are very tough and can withstand great amounts of heat and static & dynamic stress. The use of weld studs here is an absolute must.

Refractory projects Steel Piping

Refractory projects
Steel boiler

Refractory projects Steel
plants Construction
Refractory projects
Steel Linings