Achieve the perfect concoction of designs, style, patterns and colours in marble stones with Kalinga stone which is considered to be the pioneer company of India in Marble industry. Kalinga Stone is a subsidiary brand of Classic Marble Company which has created its own market value across the country. The wide range of Kalinga stone comprises of excellent designs, mind blowing colours, and beautiful patterns which have been derived from the natural stones which are available in the quarries from all over the world.

They mostly make use of crushed form of natural stones of the quarries in order to produce eco friendly marbles for the people. You will not be able to resist yourself with the unbeatable Italian designs of the Kalinga stone which will definitely elevate your living standards. The best part about the marbles of Kalinga stone is that they are completely consistent and maintenance free. They have been processed and produced with the help of edge cutting technology along with continuous research and development.

    To maintain market leadership in India and attain leadership globally, with an extensive product array and large scale customer trust.
    To retain their legacy of connoisseurship through research and development, thereby setting new trends and attaining global leadership position.

Research & Development

Looking after the sensitivity of the natural resources and the requirement to conserve them, various new and advanced technologies are being used to meet out the requirements of the people without harming the nature. This has led the company to bring out their excessive creativity in functionality and the existing trends of various buildings. They are completely dedicated towards manufacturing environment friendly materials for modern construction. They posses their own R&D team for the strict analysis of their products. They are completely responsible for adding unique attributes and feature in the development of quality products in terms of colour, durability, design and many more.


One of the major attractive features of the marbles of Kalinga Stone is that they posses their own storage facility to store their products in different forms. They have storage capacity of storing 2100 marble blocks in the block gantry, 2500 slabs of marbles and 1000 slabs of quartz in the slab display, and apart from all this, they have a stockyard of 45000 sq. mt. which stores the finished products.
The sheer quality of Kalingastone with over 150 colours and designs from 11 families of stone, had already positioned the product domestically in India as the leader in agglomerate stones. But the overwhelming response from the international market is really taking the Kalingastone places, globally.

Kalingastone is now one of the most preferred stone in 21 countries across five continents with exports to - Italy, Australia, Canada, North & South America, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia amongst many others. Products that specifically caught market attention were Amelia, Dantea, Althea from the Marble Collection and Vesuvian Black, Bianco Classic, Classic Beige and Belgium Blue stone from Quartz.