Wooden flooring is the most preferred flooring styles now days. One of the most famous, innovative and oldest manufacturers of wooden floorings across the world is Kahrs. They have been in this field of wooden flooring since 1857. For more than 150 years and with every passage of year, they have been innovating with their experiences. It is basically located in Nybro, in the middle of the Swedish forests. They believe in continuous trials and testing of their products to bring out something innovative. They provide the most suitable, durable and easy to fix wooden flooring solutions to meet out the requirements of the people.


They have always had respect for what nature has given them to develop and hold in trust. Their attitude is the basis for their ecological cycle approach. It permeates everything that happens in the company, from the selection of a supplier to the delivery of a finished floor somewhere in the world.

It is not just about processing the raw material, they must also recognize the wood's inherent beauty and expression. This means that every single piece of wood is appraised, and its natural form and figuring are utilised to create unique wood floors with character.

All man-made products affect the environment. To counteract these effects, they have adopted an ecological approach that permeates everything they do. The wood they use is almost entirely from Scandinavia and Europe, where new growth exceeds that which is harvested. In 1984 Kahrs was the first manufacturer to boast an entirely solvent-free surface treatment process.

Their multi-layer construction allows us to take full advantage of each log, using fewer resources than in solid floor production. This, and other initiatives, earned Kahrs the ISO 14001 environmental management certification nearly a decade ago. It is this level of dedication that allows us to create and produce floors that are not only beautiful but also contribute to the well-being of generations to come. They call it Beauty with a Conscience.

Today, there are Kahrs floors in a wide range of wood species and styles. Regardless of looks, they fulfill ALL of the demands you should make if you want your flooring choice to contribute to a better environment.

2012-12-04 09:00
Kahrs and Karelia-Upofloor merger approved by relevant competition authorities

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2012-10-22 09:00
Kahrs and Karelia-Upofloor to merge - creating Europe's leading producer
Kahrs and Karelia-Upofloor to merge - creating Europe's leading producer of wood floors. Read more...