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Kabul Sarena Hotel
Kabul Sarena Hotel
Kabul Sarena Hotel

Location: Kabul, Afghanistan

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Project Completed: 2006

The Kabul Serena Hotel is located across the road from the presidential palace, Kabul. It was developed under the patronage of His Highness, Prince Aga Khan.

The gardens of the hotel are laid out in Islamic style. A water channel forms a visual and pedestrian axis in the garden which connects the hotel building to a pavilion. The pavilion provides a nice sit out which allows the visitors to enjoy the gardens. There is also a fruit orchard with apple and pomegranate trees.

The project was completed in 2006. Dramatic exterior lighting, usage of local plants and construction material were important achievements. Much of the construction happened during a highly disturbed and turbulent time.