Justin Wells

Justin Wells

Justin joined HBA Dubai early 2014 to launch Studio HBA bringing over 21 years' experience throughout Australasia and fulfilling Directorial roles for internationally awarded design practices. He is focused on driving new business and solidifying existing relationships, creating exemplary design, In his role as Principal, Justin oversees the Dubai and Bangkok offices of Studio HBA working with a diverse group of talented designers.

The senior roles undertaken by Justin have afforded him the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of architectural/design practice. Justin is an award winning architect, his holistic approach to design inspires him to approach place making with a global vision. Justin believes client relationships are paramount to building foundations of contemporary design practice. He believes both architect and client can experience and learn together throughout the phases of imagination, exploration and creation.

Justin understands that architects need to work within economic constraints and that project delivery is required to inspire, communicate and link all users in the experience of a Studio HBA projects.

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Justin Wells