Jumbo is one of the popularly known brands of luxurious and comfortable furniture. They have been serving the distinctive furniture needs of the people with their world class products for more than 25 years. Over the years, they have continuously grown a step further to achieve peak heights of success. Their endless journey of growth from the time of their inception till present can be seen here under:

1985 - 1988
The very first seed of inception of Jumbo Collection was sown in the year 1985. It is basically an Italian company which specializes in creating upholstery of classic styles. The early years of the company were served by Virginia, Sabrina and Bastora models.

1989 – 1993
During these years, the major production feature of Jumbo Collection was Upholstery. They introduced the first collection of upholstery varying in different hues of colours. This was also the time of expansion of the company as a brand in international markets. In fact, they also gained the title of “Editor of fabrics” during these years due to their finest selection of fabrics. The prevalent models of this duration were Dolly and Sandy collection.

1994 – 1999
The duration of 1994 to 1999 marked the introduction of first classic furniture collection which became an integral part of the existing business. The very first models of classic furniture included Elegance and Desire. Apart from these, they also introduced decorative living room furniture during these years which involved the models of Villa Deste, prestige, Bolero, Creta and Palladium.

2000 – 2005
The beginning of the year 2000 presents the furniture collection of Temptations, Rendez-Vous and Alchymia. The major aim behind introducing various distinctive collections of furniture was to meet out specific tastes and choices of every individual. Apart from this, they also extended their business by dealing with various accessories of furnishing decor which include chandeliers and rugs.

2006 – 2010
These years mark the turning point of the company. They introduced various evolutions of style through various catalogues including Promenade, Shangri-la and Macramé. The beginning of 2006 marks the introduction of their first kitchen division. They were the first company to introduce customised kitchen for the people in classic styles. Creta and Four Season were the very first and significant models of their kitchen division. Their successive growth does not stop here. In 2009, they created their contract division to meet out the customised requirements of the customers. All their products were designed with unique charm and amazing seduction.

2010 – 2012
The year 2010 marks the presentation of masterpieces collection. It was basically a limited edition with just a collection of 30 pieces. The special quality of this collection was their elegant material and precious hand crafting predicting history. This exclusive collection of Jumbo Collection also included models like Roi Soleil Dresser and Desk, the Napoleon dresser, the Villa Serbelloni jewel case and many more. The beginning of 2011 presented various more catalogues including Crystal, Canova, Regency –Opera – masterpieces- kitchen, and lace-Hermes. All these catalogues are characterised with unparalleled commitment, innovation, designs and style. Apart from this, in 2012, they inaugurated various new offices and showrooms in order to expand their business effectively. Their excellence in producing quality products has helped them in achieving every height of success. At present, they have raised their reputation in international markets as a pioneer brand of furnishing goods. They have occupied more than 26 years of experience in serving the changing tastes and choices of the people across the world which started from the markets of Middle East, and reached the markets of Far East, Russia, East European, China, Italy and India.

A 360' Service

In order to ensure further growth and success of their collections, they established Contract Division which ensures suitable guidance as well as assistance to the clients according to their requirements in terms of making a choice for furniture and globalised room designs. They possess a complete team of skilled professionals who assist the clients in choosing the ultimate distinctive styles and designs which can express the required seduction and appeal.