A client centric approach defines the ethos of our work. We are the catalysts of our client’s aspirations. By staying responsive to their needs we create trust and infuse energy into a project, staying on-time and on-budget we respond to their business needs, by mixing a disciplined mindset with committed teamwork we ensure that we deliver stellar output every time. From the micro office to the corporate headquarters, we have created superlative workspaces that give minds the perfect settings to flourish and offices that even the most exacting MNCs proudly call home.

We are JTCPL Designs, partners to premier corporations in helping them define and visualize and create their ideal workspaces and collaborators with premier execution teams to bring these visions to life.

Personal Details
2nd Floor , Sadguru Darshan, 1050, New Prabhadevi Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400025



Phone:022 24366266

Owner: Ninad Tipnis