Jiun Ho

Jiun HoThis San Francisco-based designer creates lifestyles. Jiun has traveled to over 92 countries and speaks four languages so it's this cultural sophistication that informs his unique point-of-view on design, food, wine, style, art and a myriad of topics. His clientele seek his expertise to achieve relaxed living with a sense of elegance, simplicity and classicism. Mr. Ho received his formal training in design at Chicago's International Academy of Design and has gone on to be influenced by his travels and one sees that influence in the way he designs, cooks, bakes and inspires others. So, when Jiun set out to create his own brand and approach to designing, he was inspired by far-flung places like South Africa, Botswana, and France. For 16 years Jiun has been designing furniture and lighting for residential interiors and hotels in the United States, Japan, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. Several hotels, including the boutique hotel in Honolulu, Renew, asked him to design its entirety " the lifestyle " everything from the branding, interiors, lighting, sheets, uniforms, etc' He was able to let his skilled imagination run wild. For Rebel " a spa he designed " Jiun was nominated for Interior Design's Best of Year in 2010

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Jiun Ho