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Jindal Steel Regional Office

Location: Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India

Project Work Status: Unbuilt Projects

Area: 75,000 Sq Ft | 9 Acres

Client: Jindal Steel & Power

Site Constraints as a design determinant: The project is an administrative office for a large steel manufacturing unit in central India. The vast expanse of the site (75000 sq m approx.) is flat and devoid of any characteristics. In addition, Raigarh lies in Zone 1 in the Indian geographic seismic divisions and experiences little or no seismic activity. The design was a consequence of the site conditions, the low floor area requirement of the office clubbed together with the fact that the building itself was to promote the use of steel construction by demonstrating the possibility of innovations in the use of steel. An iconic building that exploits steel's structural strength: Other factors that influenced the design included the opportunity to build with steel that was produced on-site, and the architectural challenge in stretching the possibilities of steel construction to create a unique and iconic building. Blurring the interface between the inside and outside: The building is sited in a formal forest, as a steel sculpture amidst a grid of trees, accentuating the juxtaposition of steel and nature, as an object within a natural setting. With ideal North-South orientation, a core housed within a structural steel mast accesses the main office space.