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Jindal Stainless Corporate Office
Jindal Stainless Corporate Office

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Area: 93,000 Sq Ft | 1 Acre

Client: Jindal Stainless

The design of a six-storey office building for one of the largest steel manufacturers in India invokes the 'Navagraha Mandala', a nine-square cosmograph that inscribes a man in a yogic pose in almost Vitruvian fashion. The sacred grid is extruded to a platonic cube, which is subsequently morphed to create an intricate composition of joints and planes.

Instead of the ubiquitous core and shell structure with peripheral offices, a central atrium allows for a sense of openness and visual connectivity between floors and a greater sense of community within the office. The loft-like office spaces can be adapted to suit the changing program. An off-center oval conference room is connected via bridges from the upper levels.

In contrast to the interior hard steel core and structure, a porous skin crafted from terracotta forms the outer layer. The terracotta skin is also the appropriate environmental response in a region where a variety of materials including clay and cane have been traditionally used to screen buildings from the sun.