Welcome to my studio

It will be my pleasure to share my work with you. I started making handmade paper in 1998. After 17 years of making TV commercials in Bombay, I decided I wanted to do something that "reconnected" me to the earth. Papermaking has put me on that path.

I love the look and touch and feel of beautiful paper. I enjoy exploring various natural fibers. The interplay of light and paper excites me and ways to make paper 3-D, through texturing, sculpting, layering...is like play. I hope that the fun I have, shows in my work.

As raw material, I use only natural fibers that are waste from agriculture and the rural cottage industry. Banana, mulberry, kora grass, jute, sisal......wonderful fibers that make beautiful, strong paper. I use a Hollander beater, lifting paper with traditional deckle and mould.

My studio in Bangalore, that i built in 2002, is one of Bangalore's first green buildings. It was designed by the innovative architect Chitra Vishwananth and her team at Biome Solutions. http://www.biome-solutions.com/ it is constructed with mud blocks, the roof harvests rain water and we also recycle waste water from both, the papermaking process and sewage. This water is used in my garden, where I grow some organic fruits and vegetables. S. Vishwanath , who goes by the pseudonym, zenrainman, designed the waterworks. Its been almost 10 years now and the house and the system is efficient and cost effective.

Personal Details


Owner: Jenny Pinto

Founded: 2002