Jasminder Oberoi

Jasminder OberoiJassi's interest in photography goes back as long as he can remember. He shares his love of photography with a love of travelling. His camera has taken him through length and breadth of India and across the globe. Along the way he has gained a deep insight into the intricacies of this sophisticated art form.

Jassi is never happier than when he is wandering with his camera either on his own or while leading a group of photo enthusiasts, trying to capture a spectacle in the magical light. After having worked relentlessly for years in several like organizations Jassi has ventured on his own.

"As a photographer I do not restrict myself to any particular genre of photography. I like to shoot mostly anything. I like the challenge of going from shooting landscape one day to close up the next and dabbling in portraiture the day after. I love nature, and great use of colour. So in lot of my photographs you'll see very vibrant colours. A lot of times this can give a whole new look to something that's rather mundane or something we're used to. To me that's what I love most about photography - looking at the world in new ways."

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Jasminder Oberoi