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Location: Minto Road, New Delhi, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

Cities today require physical platforms for people to dissent, put forward their opinions and convene together. Physical platforms that would form an integral part of the urban fabric and make public dissent a regular feature of the society. The idea of ?center for Democracy and Development? is to articulate architectural form for such a built structure.

The site lies along the path which connects the three main venues ? Ramlila ground, central park and Jantar mantar which in recent years have become platforms for public to put forth their opinions and come together for common causes. This very axis which starts from Parliament house, the seat of government till Jama Masjid (Minto road or Vivekananda road) is chosen by the citizens for public marches which starts from ramlila ground and end at Jantar Mantar.

The design of the building is driven by the aim of creating a truly public building which shall provide a platform for public discussions. In its form it shall express democracy and impart a feeling of empowerment to its users.

Planning and Design
Identifying the need for pedestrian connectivity, it was inferred that the key to revive public activity was easy and experiential connectivity across the main road. An over-ground ramped connection allows people to absorb the surroundings and be a more active part of it. With the idea of integrating the building with the public movement, the building structure evolved as an extension of the public ramp. The public movement thus became the guiding factor for design and placing it top lead to building form that would incite feeling of ownership and belonging to the whole complex. Also the building is designed as if to hold the public movement fostering people?s importance.

As one moves up he ramp, he or she become more and more a part of the building with various public functions like exhibition spaces, libraries and information center spilling out on it. A sense of ownership is evoked gradually as one is able to see and experience the whole complex below.

The support center is the final anchor point and the end to the journey of the ramp. Being the highest point of the building complex and also of the surrounding area one is able to see the whole city and experience it in a completely new way.