Established in the year 1989, they provide best solutions to bathroom strictly following the principle of Aqua dynamics. With good engineering and good designs they provide some of the finest products to satisfy customers need and demand. They believe on three principles of ‘Vastu Shastra’ which are 'Bhogadyam', 'Sukha Darsham' and 'Ramyam' which brings a right balance. Following the above principles they provide quality products in terms of performance, satisfaction and aesthetics. They have always believe in what is offered to the customers should be best in terms of quality, performance and service.

It is the quality that has led them to strive forward in the market. At each stage of the production a product has to pass through different quality checks. The products which pass through the quality checks are further delivered to the market and then to the customers. They provide quality packaging standards so that products are safe and secure from wear and tear. Human resource is the key factor that they had with full dedication and commitment its employee work to achieve goal and target. A fine craftsmanship is seen in their work on each and every product to make it different and innovative. Mirror-like polished surface, meticulous curves, unique angles in bath wares and fittings make them a classy brand in the market. Feel free to contact them their customer service people will assist and resolve all your queries.