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India is a country known for its rich and unique culture that is reflected on the different kinds of fabric produced in the nation. Every region in India defines their own culture through their different apparels that are also usually made using various fabrics. However, out of them all, Jaipur, the capital city, is popular for its one of a kind fabric that are being used in the creation not only of clothes but also other goods including bed sheets, cushion covers and other home decoration.

The main reason why the fabric from Jaipur is dubbed as the best in India is because of the exceptional process that they go through before the final product is created. The innovative and distinctive method of making the fabric and its numerous styles are completely unique to Jaipur alone and it remains to be unoccupied and cannot be developed even though many other parts of India have tried to do so.

Here in Jaipur Fabric, we are proud to be the leading online Jaipur fabric supplier with our exclusive collections of king size and queen size bed spreads, pillow covers, table covers and so much more. Handmade and with their famous block printing and embroidery base, these products will definitely look good and blend well with your other home decorations.

As a product of the intricate process combined with the hard work of the people responsible for the creation of every fabric, Jaipur fabrics have become more in demand today than ever before. The truth is there are different types of Jaipuri fabrics that are used for different purposes.

Quality, Value, Beauty; Jaipur Fabric

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Our Philosophy

Located in Jaipur, India and serving consumers across Europe and the United States, Jaipur Fabric focuses on providing quality, hand-made fabrics while our teams of knowledgeable sales professionals is focused on providing you with a higher level of service and support that is virtually unheard of in this industry. Quality products, impeccable service, it must be Jaipur Fabric; shop with us today.

Why Choose Jaipur Fabric?

From Jaipur bed sheets, pillow covers and table covers, to block printing and embroidered bed sheets, hand-made fabrics and much more, Jaipur Fabrichas your needs covered. Our quality and selection will bring you in and our service and dedication will keep you coming back for more. Our goal is to make every customer, a customer for life.