Jaipur Choori Lamp

Brand:Sahil & Sarthak
Collection:Choori Lamp
BrandSahil & Sarthak


Dimensions 12/12/2.5 inch 30/30/7 cm
Choori in Hindi means Glass Bangle. This lamp is inspired from Indian women using clothes hanger for hanging their glass bangles. A light that creates atmospheres with colours and shadows. The colours appeal to mood and the soft clinging sound to senses. It can be used as a single unit or can be an ensemble of many creating an installation of coloured lights.
It's an evening light for parties, social gatherings and also for solitude. The brass hangers are inspired by the shape of a "Jharokas" or arches from medivial Indian palace windows.
Choori Lamps were showcased as an installation during the Alchemy festival at South Bank Centre London, from 15th April to 25th April 2011