Iwwef Watertech Exhibition & Conference Jakarta 2016

The opening of Free Trade Agreement China-Asean (AEC) by the end of 2015, marks the biggest market, with the population is about 250 million people. Not surprisingly that the investors from many countries in the world start to considering Indonesia as a good place to invest.

In order to preparing for competition and the continuity of foreign investment to Indonesia, in 2016 the Government of Indonesia has prepared about 24 Billion US Dollar for infrastructure development over Indonesia, in which the one of project is water infrastructure development, for rising the water volume in order to providing and serving the citizens and many industrial from the real sector. Accelerating absorption of funds for infrastructure building in 2016 is the priority of The President of Republic Indonesia Joko Widodo.

To accelerate the funds absorption for water infrastructures development, therefore the local governments has prepared the strategic steps for water infrastructures building and development, which the one of the step is increasing the performance of PDAM (Regional Water Supply Company), by renewing and developing system and technology in providing clean water.

Here is the big chance for all of water technology companies (local and overseas) to make an offering about their newest technology and system for all of PDAM (Regional Water Supply Company) over Indonesia by the exhibition IWWEF WATERTECH Exhibition & Conference, on 3 - 5 May 2016, at Jakarta Convention Center.

How the organizer strategy to invites the decision makers, they are local governments and the CEO of PDAM over Indonesia to attending the exhibition?

Coincide with the IWWEF WATERTECH Exhibition & Conference, which has 400 members of PDAM (Regional Water Supply Company) over Indonesia, at Jakarta Convention Center.

More than 1000 delegates (local governments, the CEO of PDAM and Private Water Supply Industries) will be attending this exhibition.

Iwwef Watertech Exhibition & Conference Jakarta 2016