They are the leading manufacturer and importer of marble in the world. The Italian marble offered by them provides high lustre and visual appeal to the area. After the installation of the marble it enhances the beauty of floor, wall or rooms. They are the most preferred Italian marble brand in India. During the production of marble standard manufacturing processes and high international standards are met. The various marble manufactured have applications in schools, offices, multinational companies, hotels and many other places because of its elegant appearance, long lasting luster and highly resistive nature. These marbles are available in different shapes, sizes, designs and pattern to satisfy customers and clients need and demand. They are one of the biggest importers of Italian marble in India. They are the suppliers, importers and manufacturer of Italian marble and tiles providing a wide range of products. These marbles and tiles are widely used in the flooring of house in kitchens, bathrooms, dining room and in hotels, restaurant, resorts and shopping malls. They provide different designs and patterns to satisfy your need and requirement.