Isenberg produces a full range of high quality decorative brass kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures. Isenberg Bath Corporation is headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA and has distribution and stocking warehouses in Irving, Texas and Pune, India. It also has offices and Water Experinence Centers in Krefeld, Germany, Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE. At Isenberg we understand that water is the most important natural resource and life cannot thrive without it.

The technology that goes into our products helps us deliver superior quality bath systems that are also ecomatic. Isenberg fixtures feature KIWA, WRAS and NSF certified components because we know that our customers expect nothing but the best from us.

Tested to the highest standards, Isenberg products offer easily available spare parts, a comprehensive 10 year warranty, a service helpline and a nationwide pre-sales & after-sales service network.

Every Isenberg faucet passes through over 100 hand inspections during the manufacturing process to ensure the final product exactly matches design and finish specifications. Handles are randomly turned on and off 200,000 times followed by rigorous air and water testing cycles to ensure leak-proof performance for years.

All Isenberg products are made with the user in mind. We deploy continuously updated smart technologies with constant product innovation to make our customers experience seamless and hassle free.


Isenberg's fixtures have been designed to suit every mood, because we appreciate the fact that you are an individual first. If you like the minimalism of the new millennium, you will see the cleanest lines in a Isenberg fixture that respects how you look at your space and your desire to maximize it.

If you dig the 70s, the flawless curves of some of our series will have you loving the plush sensuality of the construction. And for those who believe the best is a good mix of both older and newer eras, well, you won't be disappointed either. We have also put in the same thoughtfulness in our universal fittings because such products usually see the most intensive use.


Isenberg products are manufactured using a global manufacturing, designing and quality control infrastructure. Our design and sourcing units work seamlessly together with our manufacturing arms in Europe and Asia to deliver world class engineering at affordable prices.

Our globalized infrastructure enables us to bring to our customers the benefits of better access to raw materials, cheaper technical talent and easier warehousing & logistics. Isenberg's multi-geographic and multi-cultural team is best positioned to service the global market.